HONEYMOON SUITE – Feel It Again; An Anthology [Remastered 2xCD including 10 unreleased] (out of print)

HONEYMOON SUITE - Feel It Again; An Anthology [Remastered 2xCD including 10 unreleased] (out of print) - full

Feel It Again : An Anthology” is a huge 2 disc set containing music from the entire golden era of HONEYMOON SUITE digitally remastered. Among the 39 tracks on offer here’s every hit single from the band’s first 5 studio LP’s, including ‘Lethal Weapon’, ‘New Girl Now’ and ‘Feel It Again’, as well as classic album tracks such as ‘Bad Attitude’, ‘Bring On the Light’, and much more.
Rounding out the package we find two tracks for the first time on CD plus 8 new songs recorded in the early to mid 2000’s taken from the band’s archive. At the time of this release, the really good song Honeymoon Suite recorded for The Wraith movie soundtrack – titled ‘Those Were The Days’ – was previously unreleased on CD, as well as their song ‘I Believe In Father Christmas’.
Released by Gott Discs in England, it is a very rare, out of print release now, and a must for any Honeymoon Suite collector.


Disc One
1 Stay In The Light
2 New Girl Now
3 Wave Babies
4 Burning In Love
5 Feel It Again
6 Bad Attitude
7 What Does It Take See
8 All Along You Knew
9 Once The Feeling
10 Those Were The Days (The Wraith soundtrack)
11 Lethal Weapon
12 Lookin’ Out For Number One
13 Love Changes Everything
14 Other Side Of Midnight
15 I Believe In Father Christmas (prev. unreleased on CD)
16 Still Lovin’ You
17 Long Way
18 Say You Don’t Know Me
19 Little Sister


Disc Two
1 Bring On The Light
2 The Road 3:50
3 Come (Let Me Take You There)
4 Next To You
5 All I Wanted
6 Touch The Sun
7 Undone
8 Lagavulin
9 Gone
10 Even Now
11 The Way I Do
12 Into Me, Into You
13 Breathe *
14 Tightrope *
15 Where’s My Wire *
16 Under My Skin *
17 Sit For Hours *
18 Difference *
19 My Right Hand *
20 I’m So Boring *

* new tracks for this release

Johnny Dee – lead vocals, guitar
Ray Coburn – keyboards, vocals
Derry Grehan – lead guitar, vocals
Garry Lalonde – bass, vocals
Dave Betts – drums
Rob Preuss – keyboards
Steve Webster – bass
Jorn Anderson – drums
Randy Cooke – drums
Gary Briet – keyboards
Rob Laidlaw – bass
Peter Nunn – keyboards
Bret Carrigan – drums


out of print

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