BAI BANG – Sha Na Na Na (2023) *Exclusive*

BAI BANG - Sha Na Na Na (2023)  *Exclusive* full

A driving force in the Swedish rock scene of the 2000s, BAI BANG music ranges from classic raunchy sleaze with a glamorous flair to classic melodic hard rock. During the year 2021, BAI BANG signed a new record deal with Germany-based label Pride & Joy Music. The new and first record ”Sha Na Na Na” with them will be released on March 24th, 2023, and was produced by Pontus Assarson and renowned mastering engineer Martin Kronlund (Gypsy Rose, Dogface).
Due to the pandemic the band had to slow things down, but the songwriting continued and while recording in the studio was not easy to do, BAI BANG finally put out 11 new strong songs with great riffs, melodies and catchy hooks. A great party album in the BAI BANG melodic rock style, with that typical Swedish flavor for the genre.

They deliver the title track ”Sha Na Na Na” (tacky title!) right away, as song #1. It is a melodic hard rocker with that… yes, that ”Sha Na Na Na” chorus all over it. Nothing unique about it, and many bands have done the same thing before, lie Wig Wam. But bear with me, there are some better songs to come.
In ”All Alone” there’s an obvious Alphaville rip-off in the verse melody (almost the same melody or song idea is also found in the title track)! It’s a little too obvious but in fact is a homage from the band, and the song is infectious.

Then ”It’s Enough” sounds like a typical Desmond Child AOR tune, with a touch of hard rock, and it’s a highlight. In the same vein with some AOR touch is ”Motivated” which is a really good song – one of the best ones on this album.
They even throw in an ABBA cover in ”Rock Me” which surprises me. On the other hand, the world has seen such an ABBA revival ever since their return with the Voyage album. The Bai Bang version is actually quite good, with catchy vocal harmonies. Bai Bang also has its glammy side, an it shows on the song ”I Wanna Rock’n’roll” is like a mix of The Sweet and vintage Ace Frehley, kind of.

Producer Pontus Assarson and Mastering Engineer Martin Kronlund have given the band that slick ‘poppy metal’ sound they were looking for. Old fans of Bai Bang will feel at home with this new album, and newcomers will find a melodic band with a lot of easy hooks.
Some may not like how overproduced the instruments are, removing a lot of their heaviness in search of a more pop-infused sound, but that’s Bai Bang style & sound. And we like it.
Highly Recommended

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1. Sha Na Na Na
2. My Favorite Enemy
3. I Don’t Really Know
4. I Know All The Hits
5. I Wanna Rock N Roll
6. Motivated
7. All Alone
8. It’s Enough
9. Rock Me (feat PO Nilsson)
10. Having A Show
11. That’s All I Need (Wha Wao Wa)


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