DAYTONA – Trilogy [3xAlbums digitally remastered + unreleased]

DAYTONA - Trilogy [3xAlbums digitally remastered + unreleased] - full

DAYTONA was formed in 1986, in the midst of Europe’s The Final Countdown explosion, and the poppy Melodic Rock / AOR sound infected all places, including Switzerland. The band featured German members as well, and started to write and tape demos for a debut LP. Some 7” singles were released, however their chance to record an album arrived too late, in 1993.
However the band remained faithful to their Melodic Rock / AOR style and recorded their first album with the curious title ‘The Best Of’. Under the expert hands of Robert Papst (Dominoe, Dan Lucas), the group crafted a fantastic collection of fluffy AOR tunes as if still was 1986. The follow-up release ‘Point Of View’ saw the light of day in 1996 ,another very good effort this time with edgier guitars.
A third album entitled ‘Who Is Xooly’ was recorded 1999 but remained unreleased until a European record company offered to release all 3 albums into one package titled “Trilogy“, plus some bonus tracks.
This is classic Euro Melodic Rock / AOR with an ’80s sound similar (of course) to Papst bands / productions like Dominoe, Dan Lucas, or Skagarack, 1st Avenue, etc – keyboard driven catchy tunes with huge choruses, and more melodic hard on the late, previously unreleased material.

For heavenly poppy AOR / anthemic melodic rock just check out the irresistible ‘Love Me Like Before’, ‘Here I Go Again’, ‘You Better Take Another Way’, ‘Wild World’, etc, all taken from debut ‘Best Of’, full of huge harmony vocals / choruses to die for.
It’s great to see as bonus track the early standalone single / non album track ‘How Will I Know’, a superb AOR ditty with some Strangeways on it. Also the fun mix of ‘Love Me Like Before (Early Version)’, pretty different to the album version, and ready for the radio.

“Point Of View” sees the band goin’ for a more earthy melodic rock nonetheless catchy as ever, with a strong American flavor. Songs like ‘Life’s Just A Highway’, ‘Turn Back Time’, title track ‘Point Of View’, ‘Dreams Are Not Enough’, etc, are splendid rockers full of melody, some adding acoustics into the mix – but that kind of ‘acoustic’ guitars that sound big – and a solid power ballad.

”Who is Xooly”, despite of not being released after recorded, it’s a professionally crafted album. The band’s melodic rock here is accented by a timeless, classic rock feel, with a bluesy foundation still melodic Daytona as ever, as heard on cuts such as ‘Up And Down’, ‘You Better Take Another Way’, ‘What Else I Need’.

You have here 3 pretty different albums ranging from fluffy poppy AOR and melodic rock to melodic hard and some classic rock. All are very good stuff.
Highly Recommended


Disc One:
The Best Of (1993)
1. You Better Take Another Way
2. Love Me Like Before
3. I Don’t Wanna Live Without You
4. Here I Go Again
5. Calling You
6. I Feel Good Tonight
7. Lonely Eyes
8. Tonight
9. Wild World
10. We Stand Together
11. How Will I Know (Single Version)
12. Love Me Like Before (Early Version)
13. Better Take Another Way (Single Version)

Point Of View (1996)
1. Life’s Just A Highway
2. Turn Back Time
3. I’d Rope The Moon For You
4. One Step Closer
5. Point Of View
6. Woman
7. Dreams Are Not Enough
8. You Are The One
9. Joey
10. Was It You


Disc Two:
Who Is Xooly? (2000) [previously unreleased]
1. What Else I Need
2. You Better Take Another Way
3. Sorry I’m Not Dancing
4. You Are The World For Me
5. Way Of Belief
6. Up And Down
7. We Stand Together
8. As Good As One
9. I Don’t Wanna Be Your Fool Anymore
10. Grandma
11. Time Has Come
12. Mixed Emotions
13. Wild World
14. What Else I Need (Reprise)

Werner Hartmeier – Vocals
Steve Kingston – Guitars
Mad Sanders, Reini Baumann – Bass
Robert Baumann – Drums
Urs Zwicky, Yvonne Grunwald – Keyboards, Backing Vocals



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