TREVOR RABIN – Can’t Look Away [Air Mail Archive Japan miniLP remastered] Out Of Print

TREVOR RABIN - Can't Look Away [Air Mail Archive Japan miniLP digitally remastered] full

Requested by good friend of this blog, here’s the hard to find, out of print version of TREVOR RABIN 1989’s “Can’t Look Away [Japan miniLP digitally remastered]”.
This is the only remastered reissue of this stupendous album from ex-Yes guitarist / composer / producer.

After almost single-handedly rescuing Yes from obscurity in the mid-80s providing to the band a glossy, appealing to the masses sound, South African guitarist Trevor Rabin recorded the solo album “Can’t Look Away”, his fourth, released in 1989.
On this album, Rabin demonstrates all the qualities that helped bring Yes back to commercial success — a great sense of melody and layered guitars to create an arena rock sound. It was 1989… what a year.

The title track opens the disc with epic grandeur, as Rabin tackles the then-hot topic of apartheid with passionate vocals and fiery guitar playing.
The catchy “Something to Hold on To” was released as a single and reached No. 3 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart, with its accompanying music video receiving a nomination for Best Video at the 1990 Grammy Awards.

Rabin is not only an excellent guitarist, but also a strong vocalist and songwriter. Some songs here, most notably ‘Sorrow (Your Heart)’, pay homage to Rabin’s origins by fusing melodic rock and traditional African sounds. I have never heard anything quite like it.
On the other hand, other tracks are pure late ’80s rock wrapped by the huge production sound typically 1989.
One of my favorites is the power ballad ‘Eyes Of Love’ which sounds like being very influenced by Foreigner.

There are many other styles of music as well subtly fused into an overall progressive Arena Rock foundation akin Yes’ 90125 album. ‘The Cape’, ‘Sludge’, and ‘Etoile Noir’ are excellent instrumentals that contribute to the variety of the album keeping it interesting throughout.

TREVOR RABIN - Can't Look Away [Air Mail Archive Japan miniLP digitally remastered] disc

Given the catchy melodies and the supreme musicianship demonstrated throughout, it is surprising that “Can’t Look Away” did not fare better commercially. The album will appeal to anyone who enjoys the Yes albums that Rabin played on, and in my opinion is actually better than both 90125 and Big Generator.
Also fans of elaborated ’80s arena rock should definitely check out this album.

This remaster by Japanese label Air Mail Archive is the best version you can get, at least if you find an expensive used copy.
Highly Recommended


Air Mail Recordings / Archive ~ 『 AIRAC-1292 』

01 – I Can’t Look Away
02 – Something To Hold On To
03 – Sorrow (Your Heart)
04 – Cover Up
05 – Promises
06 – Etoile Noir
07 – Eyes Of Love
08 – I Didn’t Think It Would Last
09 – Hold On To Me
10 – Sludge
11 – I Miss You Now
12 – The Cape

Lou Molino III (Yoso, ex Cock Robin) – drums (tracks 1–3, 8, 10)
Alan White (Yes) – drums (tracks 4, 11)
Denny Fongheiser (ex Heart) – drums (track 7)
“Basil” – drum machine (tracks 4, 5, 9, 11)
Duncan Faure,Tsidii Le Loka, Beulah Hashe – backing vocals
Bob Ezrin – background vocals (tracks 3, 7), engineering, production
Trevor Rabin – lead vocals, guitar, guitar synthesizer, keyboard, bass, background vocals, production


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