FRENZY – Of Hoods And Mask [full version including Rick Springfield cover] (2023) *Exclusive*

FRENZY - Of Hoods And Mask [full version including Rick Springfield cover] (2023) *Exclusive* - full

FRENZY is made up of American vocalist Anthony Stephen and Spaniard musicians with a vast experience in the hard rock / metal world. “Of Hoods And Mask” is their upcoming new album, a very entertaining mix of traditional and old school metal / hard rock, adding plenty of frenzied (pun intended) guitar work, wildly ranged vocals and crafty, galloping bass.
The album begins with an instrumental opening called “One Minute Closer To…” , which, as its name seems to indicate perfectly, is the prelude (with a vibe of mystery and intrigue in its instrumentation) for the song that will give us the welcome to this classic metal fest focused on the stories inspired by the story of the graphic novel Watchmen.
Next, “The Doomsday” refer to the Superman’s popular antagonist who is immortal and becomes invulnerable, a fun story wrapped by heavy riffs and huge vocals.

“Where Is The Joke” is a ride back in time to pure 80s NWOBHM with nothing we all haven’t heard a million times before, but it’s energetic and raucous enough to be a fun listen. Apoplectic vocals provide a simmering melodic twist on “Betrayal In Cold Blood”, a true graphic novel that plays out right before our ears, beneath the mysterious backdrop of enthralling and sinister melody creating a tormented song of debauchery.
We all love when metal bands cover classic Rock&pop songs, and on “Living In Oz”, they totally metallized it with groove and catchiness, showcasing Frenzy members are absolutely inspired by ’80s culture.

For the end, Frenzy dedicates a song to the love and passion they feel for the music they make, in the form of the powerful number “Give Shred Me (Or Give Me Death)” , a cool demonstration both lyrically and musically that these guys are in this business because they love to take their instruments and get the most out of them. To celebrate, 12 lead guitarists from metal bands play a solo part.
A very enjoyable platter of old school metal / hard.
Highly Recommended


01 – One Minute Closer To…
02 – The Doomsday
03 – Where Is The Joke
04 – Spectre Of Love
05 – Uncompromised
06 – Betrayal In Cold Blood
07 – Fear The Hood
08 – Living In Oz (Rick Springfield cover)
08 – Give Me Shred (Or Give Me Death)

Anthony Stephen – Vocals
Luis Pinedo – Guitars
Alex Gabasa – Guitars
Angel Muñoz “Choco” – Bass
Tato Bazán – Drums

Guest guitar solos on track 9 by Billy Banzai, Marios Petropoulos, Johnny Lorca, Dani Meseguer, Antonio Scelzi, Tony T. Steele, Kyle McNeill, Graeme Farmer, Miguel Coello, Mario Cano, Fran Soler and Tony Waka



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