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MECCA - Everlasting (2023) - full

Everlasting” is the title of the brand new studio album from MECCA, the classic AOR band founded by vocalist Joe Vana. This is the first new Mecca album since 2016 and sees Vana returning to the classic AOR style he is known, admired, and loved for.
When he was only 13 years old, Joe Vana’s life was forever changed through a chance meeting with Survivor’s Jim Peterik. Jim taught him everything he knew about music and the music business. But, it wasn’t until he was 28 years old that he discovered his voice, which is when he became Peterik’s in-house demo singer for many years. Joe and Jim eventually created a band called Project Voyager, which ultimately morphed into Mecca.
In 2002, Mecca released their debut self-titled album, which featured David Hungate (ex-Toto) on bass, Shannon Forrest on drums, Fergie Frederiksen (ex-Toto) and Joe on vocals, Mike Aquino on guitars and Jimmy Nichols on keyboards. “Mecca” created a sonic treasure that was more than well-received by the Melodic Rock/AOR community.


1. And Now The Magic Is Gone
2. The Rules Of The Heart
3. I Won’t Walk Away
4. The Mistakes We Make
5. These Times Are For Heroes
6. Your Walls Are Crumbling Down
7. Everlasting
8. Falling
9. Endless Days
10. Living In Fear
11. Your Way

Joey Vana – Vocals
Sven Larsson – Guitars
Mitia Maccaferri – Bass
Alessandro Del Vecchio – Keyboards
Mirko De Maoi – Drums

Guest Musicians:
Tommy Denander, Christopher Börjars, Stefano Lionetti, Vivien Lalu, Stefano Mainini, Pete Alpenborg – Additional Keyboards


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