ATOMIC KINGS (Greg Chaisson Of Badlands) – Atomic Kings (2023)

ATOMIC KINGS (Greg Chaisson Of Badlands) - Atomic Kings (2023) - full

ATOMIC KINGS are an original traditional hard rock band from Phoenix which are releasing their self-titled debut album “Atomic Kings“. This is the new project of BADLANDS’ founding member bassist Greg Chaisson, where the aim was to make a classic sounding band akin the ’70s & ’80s.
Indeed, the sound of “Atomic Kings”, despite recorded with modern technology, was shaped to get that ‘analog’ feeling. There’s a song into the track list titled ‘Jimi’s Page’, so you know musically where this album is all about: bluesy traditional hard rock with an ‘American classic rock’ spirit.
The band also features former Crash Street Kids skilled guitarist Ryan McKay and the rest of the guys are experienced cats too, and they already toured with Ace Frehley Band, King’s X, etc.

Atomic Kings have created quite a buzz in the music industry with the heavy, powerful blues rock based rhythm section of Chaisson and drummer Jimi Taft, the monstrous riff driven yet delicate melodic guitar of Mckay, and the unique, soulful, but powerful vocals of Ken Ronk‘s voice telling stories that reminds us of the days when Paul Rodgers, Jimmy Dewar and Robert Plant were on top of the music world.
Atomic Kings might just single-handedly be taking us straight back to the music so many in America have been longing for.
Highly Recommended


01 – All I Want
02 – Escape
03 – Holding On
04 – Take My Hand
05 – Running Away
06 – Live
07 – I Got Mine
08 – Jimi’s Page
09 – Bloodline

Greg Chaisson – bass
Ryan McKay – guitars
Ken Ronk – vocals
Jimi Taft – drums



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