HERAZZ – Herazz ’87 + Dreams In My Eyes ’91 (Retrospect Records)

HERAZZ - Herazz '87 + Dreams In My Eyes '91 (Retrospect Records) - full

HERAZZ were one of the hardest working bands from the ’80s Detroit scene. Originally melodic hard rock oriented then a bit heavier, sleazy hard rock, the group recorded six albums during their existence and while they had real talent writing very good songs for the genre with great hooks and solid musicianship, never secured a recording contract.
As requested, here’s 2 of their best recordings, their self-titled “Herazz” from 1987 and 1991’s “Dreams In My Eyes“. Both albums were released by themselves back in the day and became collector pieces until Retrospect Records reissued both. Recorded on a budget, but quality US melodic hard rock with that ’80s flavor.

It’s a shame that songs like the pretty awesome ‘Dealers In The Night’ (with some Dokken on it), ‘Long Ride Down’ (sharper ala Lizzy Borden), ‘Easy Way Out’ (think Keel), ‘Never Again’, etc never reached a major audience.
The 1991 tracks have a more hard rock sound from the era, very strong numbers like ‘So Far Away’, ‘Dreams In My Eyes’, ‘Fall In Love Again’ with influences such as Shok Paris, Heaven’s Wish, Dokken and more.
Highly Recommended


Herazz ’87
01 – Dealers In The Night
02 – Long Ride Down
03 – Easy Way Out
04 – Never Again
05 – Kay
06 – Visions Of You
07 – Crazy Ways
08 – Never In Love
09 – What The Hell Was That


Dreams In My Eyes ’91
01 – So Far Away
02 – Dreams In My Eyes
03 – Fall In Love Again
04 – See You Again
05 – Come On
06 – Whatcha Gonna Do?
07 – She Still Can
08 – Livin’ 4 the Night (Boogie Bob’s Mix)


Ken Kruz – Lead Vocals
Jeff Groesser – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Virgil Napler – Lead Guitar
Dave Beck – Drums, Backing Vocals
John Lanzetta – Bass, Backing Vocals


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