WHITE SISTER – S/T [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded]

WHITE SISTER - S/T [Rock Candy remastered & reloaded] full

The 1984’s self-titled debut by WHITE SISTER is without a doubt a mandatory item in your AOR collection, being this ‘Remastered & Reloaded‘ reissue by Rock Candy Records the definitive version.
The flamboyant Pomp rock movement of the late Seventies influenced a number of acts who took up that particular musical mantle during the following decade.
Groups such as Giuffria, Shooting Star and Spys were undoubtedly the frontrunner’s but following close behind and, arguably the greatest of them all, were Los Angeles based four-piece unit White Sister.
“White Sister” is, simply put, one of the finest Pomp AOR albums of all time.

A chance meeting in a gas station with former Angel keyboard maestro Gregg Giuffria paid handsome dividends when Gregg, smitten by the band’s music, agreed to produce their debut album which was released in 1984.

WHITE SISTER - ST [Rock Candy Remaster] inside cover

Exploding with all the melodic goodness that you would expect from a fine Pomp AOR record, the emphasis was on great songs and even greater musicianship, allowing the tracks to cruise along on a rough hewn carpet of muscle and melody.

You have terrific, lush keyboard / synth lines and vocals by Garri Brandon which simply swept you off your feet whilst the set to stun guitars of Rick Chadock drilled the infectious tunes into your brain and behind it all the skin tight rhythm section of Dennis Churchill (who also doubled up on lead vocals) and Richard Wright.
Gems such as “Promises”, “Walk Away”, “Can’t Say No” and “Don’t Say You’re Mine” are some of the very best in this genre.
The awesome “Whips” is an unreleased Angel track gifted to the band by Giuffria, and it’s another highlight. To be honest, all are…

WHITE SISTER - ST [Rock Candy Remaster] back cover

The only (minor) fault in this record was production – more specifically, that some songs were recorded at different sessions. Then, production was good, but the mastering failed when the tracks were transferred to the master tapes.
There were a couple of reissues before, but trust me, none sounds even closer to this superb, first class remaster by Rock Candy specialists.

This is the DEFINITIVE White Sister’s debut edition shaped from 24 BIT digital technology, including 16 page full colour booklet, 3,000 word essay, enhanced artwork, photos and new interview with producer Gregg Giuffria.
“White Sister” is a true masterclass in AOR, make sure you get your lesson soon.


01 – Don’t Say That You’re Mine
02 – Straight From The Heart
03 – Love Don’t Make It Right
04 – Breakin’ All The Rules
05 – Whips
06 – Can’t Say No
07 – Promises
08 – Walk Away
09 – One More Night
10 – Just For You

Dennis Churchill – lead vocals, bass
Rick Chadock – guitars
Garri Brandon – lead vocals, keyboards
Richard Wright – drums



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