Tarja’s OUTLANDERS – Outlanders [feat Joe Satriani, Marty Friedman, Trevor Rabin] (2023)

Tarja’s OUTLANDERS - Outlanders [feat Joe Satriani, Marty Friedman, Trevor Rabin] (2023) - full

OUTLANDERS is the new project of Finnish singer Tarja Turunen and German musician, songwriter, composer and producer Torsten Stenzel (Mike Oldfield, Joss Stone). OUTLANDERS born more than a decade ago when Tarja met Stenzel looking for a new, different field into her music. Tarja wanted to didn’t use her voice in a conventional soloist way, but instead, looking to create atmospheres and colours and to read something interesting for it.
The name OUTLANDERS was chosen as Tarja & Torsten had one thing in common: they are not living in the land they were born. Life, music and art had taken them different places and they become ‘outlanders’. The songs were recorded at Torsten’s studio in the island of Antigua in Caribbean, where he lives.
OUTLANDERS combines electronic music with Tarja’s rock, soft, as well as classical vocals, with the edge of electric and acoustic guitars. The three elements are a constant in all the songs and are equally important.
Both musicians wanted renowned guitarists to play on the songs, and they called the best: Marty Friedman, Joe Satriani, Trevor Rabin, Al Di Meola, Living Colour’s Vernon Reid, Jennifer Batten, Rata Blanca’s Walter Giardino, Ron Bumblefoot Thal and more.


01 – Outlanders (feat Walter Giardino)
02 – Closer to the Sky (feat Trevor Rabin)
03 – The Cruellest Goodbye (feat Al Di Meola)
04 – World in My Eyes (feat Vernon Reid)
05 – Mystique Voyage (feat Steve Rothery)
06 – The Sleeping Indian (feat Joe Satriani)
07 – Land of Sea and Sun (feat Marty Friedman)
08 – 1971 (feat Walter Giardino)
09 – We Own This Sky (feat Ron Bumblefoot Thal)
10 – Never Too Far (feat Mike Oldfield)
11 – Echoes (feat Jennifer Batten)
12 – A Peaceful Place [Return to the Oasis] (feat Walter Giardino)

Vocals – Tarja
All instruments – Torsten
Guitars – Marty Friedman
Guitars – Joe Satriani
Guitars – Vernon Reid
Guitars – Trevor Rabin
Guitars – Al DiMeola
Guitars – Ron Bumblefoot Thal
Guitars – Walter Giardino
Guitars – Jennifer Batten
Guitars – Mike Oldfield
Guitars – Steve Rothery


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