ALIAS – Alias [Bad Reputation remastered +4] (2022) HQ *0dayrox EXCLUSIVE*

ALIAS - Alias [Bad Reputation remastered +4] (2022) HQ *0dayrox Exclusive* - full

Vocalist / songwriter Freddy Curci and guitarist Steve DeMarchi have already enjoyed their share of the spotlight as former members of SHERIFF who achieved a good deal of success in the early ’80s. After Sheriff disbanded the two went their separate ways for a while before eventually meeting up again and buying a 16-track studio, which they duly installed in DeMarchi’s basement, they then began working on some music while holding on to a succession of day jobs.
There’s were all begun for one of the greatest AOR albums of all time: both musicians formed ALIAS, and their self-titled debut “Alias” is a real classic.
Now specialized label Bad Reputation Records has released a stupendous remastered, updated version of this great album in all its sonic glory, with the addition of 4 bonus tracks.
In the midst of putting a demo tape together, Curci and DeMarchi were suddenly catapulted back into the public eye via the success of an old Sheriff tune, ‘When I’m With You”, which rocketed up to the No. 1 spot on the Billboard rock chart, eventually selling over 500,000 copies.
“We couldn’t believe it,” DeMarchi said. “Here we were, with a number one song, but no tour, no video, and not even a band!” Although the idea of ALIAS had already been discussed between the two musicians, the project shifted up a gear with the success of ‘When I’m With You’.

Curci and DeMarchi had been planning to record an album together after the demise of Sheriff, but both realised they would much rather be in a ‘band’ situation. While recording the new songs in Los Angeles, they crossed paths with drummer Michael Derosier who had been in the original line-up of HEART and proved to be attracted to the idea of being in a band again.
Derosier then brought in Steve Fossen on bass and guitarist Roger Fisher, who were also originally founder members of Heart. Thus united, the members of ALIAS were looking forward to the release of both the debut single and the album.

Alias’ debut album was one that, while certainly not an unknown one, should have been bigger. The record actually went Gold when released in 1990 and garnered three singles, the power ballad ‘More Than Words Can Say’ which reached number 2 on the charts in the US and number 1 in their home country.
‘Waiting For Love’ and ‘Haunted Heart’ were the other two singles released reaching number 13 and number 18 on the charts.

Curci has a fantastic and clear voice and sounds utterly fabulous throughout the record. You have all likely heard him either with Sheriff or at least with Alias on the terrific ballad ‘More Than Words Can Say’. The songs are outstanding and simply wonderful AOR gems. The band is a talented group of artists and they sound great through each track as one would expect with the names involved on the record.

While never garnering a massive following like other AOR bands such as Foreigner and Survivor did, Alias still held their own, producing a great record with some incredible songs and gathering a rather large following at the time, yet, sadly, the record still remains somewhat of an undiscovered pearl for many.
This Bad Reputation remaster sound quality is fantastic, enhancing the the overall greatly produced material.
A classic album for the genre, this is a must have for fans of late ’80s / early 90s melodic rock and AOR scene.

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01 – Say What I Wanna Say
02 – Haunted Heart
03 – Waiting For Love
04 – The Power
05 – Heroes
06 – What To Do
07 – After All The Love Is Gone
08 – More Than Words Can Say
09 – One More Chance
10 – True Emotion
11 – Standing In The Darkness
12 – Who Do You Think You Are? [Bonus Track]
13 – Call Me [Bonus Track]
14 – Into The Fire [Bonus Track]
15 – When I’m With You (Acoustic Version) [Bonus Track]

Lead Vocals – Freddy Curci
Guitar – Roger Fisher, Steve DeMarchi
Bass – Steve Fossen, Vocals
Drums – Mike Derosier



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    That is a very good album! I remember a review of it on a magazine AOR tribute. Absolutely fantastic post. Thank you.

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