FISH – 13th Star (Deluxe 2023 Remix)

FISH - 13th Star (Deluxe 2023 Remix) - full

Former Marillion vocalist Derek W. Dick aka FISH is getting reissued his hard to find album “13th Star”. Released as a limited edition via mail-order in September 2007 and to retail in February 2008, it is his ninth solo studio album since he left Marillion in 1988.
The 13th Star Deluxe 2023 Remix” track list contains a brand new re-mix of the original album by Calum Malcolm and material including previously unreleased acoustic tracks from BBC sessions for Bob Harris and the Fishheads Club show at St Mary’s Church in Haddington, a rare 2007 demo and tracks from the album performed live at the Nearfest USA show in 2008 only previously available on DVD.
All the tracks on this collection were as well remastered in 2022 by Calum.
The main ’13th Star’ recordings are very melodic, quite rocking (even heavy) at times. Apart from a couple of easy-listening tracks, this album contains dark and somber material that requires a lapse of time to get into but once you get, you go truly amused.
Labeled as a neo-prog artist, FISH in reality presents a work much more in the eclectic vein than anyone might suppose and the staring moments runs in a crescendo as the tracks pass by your mind and ears.

FISH classic vocals are still there, and the support musicians do a great job contributing immensely for the grabbing atmosphere. For ’13th Star’ FISH worked with his 10-year long bass player Steve Vantsis, where both showcase excellent skills in songwriting. Also in this album there’s the return of veterans Frank Usher on guitar and Foss Patterson on keyboards.

The opening track “Circle Line” surprise with the way FISH combines a keyboard solo and loop sampling with great ambient that create great grooves. Because the ambient is so cool, it creates an excellent listening experience, especially when Fish starts to sing. His voice is quite heavy here and powerful it blends beautifully with the music. I think the music flow is easy to digest for many ears with different background and music tastes. The guitar work in rhythm as well as solo is great, especially when it’s combined with keys.

”Square Go” is an energetic song with emotional singing style by Fish, continued seamlessly from previous opening track in tight basslines with more great grooves. The guitar work is stupendous. Fish enters his powerful low register notes and the riff turns is really catchy.
“Miles De Besos” offers a mellow style music with beautiful piano work that accompanies Fish voice line in his great accentuated singing style. The music flows naturally with piano as main instruments backed beautifully with guitar fills. The acoustic guitar provides a very nice touch.

“Zoe 25” is a ballad in the Fish style, then “Arc Of The Curve” is slow, but somehow darker. “Manchmal” successfully combines music loops, a deep vocal line, dynamic drumming and stunning guitar solo. The song moves naturally in upbeat style augmented by guitar riffs. The guitar solo is really stunning especially combined with drumming in unique tom sounds. It brings to mind Steven Wilson type of songs.
“Where In The World?” is another wonderful song in mellow style and it sounds like a requiem. It’s so nice. The album title track “13th Star” is a midtempo tune driven by a fine melody, with smooth vocals all over.

Although this seems like not a concept album, enjoying this from first track to the end is like experiencing a life journey even though there are no such steep ups or downs. I admire Fish songwriting skills in which he has been quite successful in creating compositions which do not fit only to prog fans. All are ‘song format’ tracks.
The bonus material is very interesting, showcasing early versions, some stripped, of the album songs.
Highly Recommended


01 – Circle Line (Deluxe Remix 2023)
02 – Square Go (Deluxe Remix 2023)
03 – Miles De Besos (Deluxe Remix 2023)
04 – Zoe 25 (Deluxe Remix 2023)
05 – Arc Of The Curve (Deluxe Remix 2023)
06 – Manchmal (Deluxe Remix 2023)
07 – Open Water (Deluxe Remix 2023)
08 – Dark Star (Deluxe Remix 2023)
09 – Where In The World (Deluxe Remix 2023)
10 – 13th Star (Deluxe Remix 2023)
11 – Miles De Besos (Demo 2007)
12 – Zoe 25 (FHC Tour 2010)
13 – 13th Star (Demo 2007)
14 – Arc Of The Curve (Demo Instrumental 2007)
15 – Circle Line (Demo 2007)
16 – Dark Star (Demo Instrumental 2007)
17 – It Ain’t Easy (Demo 2007)
18 – Manchmal (Demo April 2007)
19 – Zoe 25 (Micklegate Demo)
20 – Square Go (Demo 2007)

Fish (Derek W. Dick), vocals
Frank Usher, electric and acoustic guitars
Steve Vantsis, bass, electric guitar, keyboards, double bass, clavinet
Chris Johnson, electric and acoustic guitars
Foss Patterson, piano, organ, strings, dulcimer
Gavin Griffiths, drums
Dave Haswell, percussion
Lorna Bannon, backing vocals



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