JAMIE WEST-ORAM (The Fixx) – Skeleton Key (2023)

JAMIE WEST-ORAM (The Fixx) - Skeleton Key (2023) - full

THE FIXX’s acclaimed guitarist, JAMIE WEST-ORAM, is set to release his first-ever solo album titled “Skeleton Key” which marks a new chapter in the musicinan’s illustrious career.. The new effort comes hot on the heels of The FIXX’s critically-acclaimed “Every five Seconds” album, which was released last year.
THE FIXX‘s second album 1983’s ”Reach The Beach” is one of our favorite pop album from the era, and WEST-ORAM’s guitar work is one of the reasons.
For “Skeleton Key” Jamie West-Oram performs all instruments and vocals, save for drums, which are provided by Tom Ashcroft. As you may expect this is a pretty guitar focused album, there’s even some instrumentals.
But it’s so refreshing that’s a real pleasure to listen to. Nick Jackson (The FIXX, Cy Curnin solo) production and especially his dynamic Mix is excellent helping the songs to being even more enjoyable.

Recognized for his pristine and multi-faceted guitar work, West-Oram played an integral role in defining The FIXX’s distinctive sound. With four decades of creating music that resonates with audiences, The FIXX has earned a reputation as one of the most innovative bands of the “MTV” era.
Their themes, characterized by complexity, introspection, and thought-provoking lyrics, have always struck a chord with listeners, while also capturing widespread mass appeal. Boasting three #1 hits, an additional five in the Top 5, and a dozen more reaching the Top 10, The FIXX has sold millions of albums worldwide.

“Skeleton Key” indeed take the ‘skeleton’ of The FIXX’s sound – West-Oram is the creator of that distinctive sound – and makes his own excursions to funky rock n roll, blues, rock&pop, classic rock, even some new wave.
As usual West-Oram’s guitar work is stupendous – forget shredding or virtuoso runs – here’s all about emotion, melody, and a good riff.
Highly Recommended


01 – Knuckle Down
02 – Claustrophobia
03 – Cuckoos In The Nest
04 – Endless Possession
05 – Life Support
06 – Collusion Blues
07 – Split Me In Two
08 – Sharp Edge 2
09 – Forging The Key
10 – Turning The Key

Jamie West-Oram – vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards
Tom Ashcroft – drums


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