WITHIN TEMPTATION - Bleed Out EP (2023) - full

WITHIN TEMPTATION, the renowned Dutch symphonic metal band, are set to captivate fans with their eighth studio album, ‘Bleed Out’, on October 20, released via their own label Force Music Recordings. As adavance the band are releasing today an EP curiously titled “Bleed Out” as well, including several songs from the album plus alternate versions.
”Bleed Out” signifies a bold leap forward for the band. From contemporary, hard-hitting, and proggy riffs to soaring melodies displaying their symphonic roots, Within Temptation have created a sonic journey that fuses diverse musical styles and thought-provoking themes. Imbued with a vast dynamic range that plumbs the full depth of symphonic heaviosity, “Bleed Out” is as exuberantly heavy as it is politically profound as well.

While a song such as “Wireless” examine the authoritarian aggression on display in Ukraine and other warzones, the title track itself addresses the plight of women fighting for their rights in Iran after the murder of Mahsa Amini.
The album also grapples with the complex issues around a woman’s right on “Don’t Pray For Me” and throughout, this impassioned and political focus is reflected in the intensity and heaviness of the music.
Embracing a new era of musical exploration and lyrical depth, WITHIN TEMPTATION have pushed boundaries and showcased their artistic evolution, delivering a fist-in-the-air proclamation of both their moral convictions and their fearless approach to music.
Highly Recommended


01 – Bleed Out
02 – Wireless
03 – Don’t Pray For Me
04 – Shed My Skin
05 – The Purge
06 – Entertain You
07 – Bleed Out (Instrumental)
08 – Wireless (Instrumental)
09 – Don’t Pray For Me (Instrumental)
10 – Shed My Skin (Instrumental)
11 – The Purge (Instrumental)
12 – Entertain You (Instrumental)

Sharon den Adel – lead vocals
Robert Westerholt – rhythm guitar
Jeroen van Veen – bass
Martijn Spierenburg – keyboards
Ruud Jolie – lead guitar
Mike Coolen – drums



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