A.C.T – Live at Kulturbolaget (2023)

A.C.T - Live at Kulturbolaget (2023) - full

Swedish premier melodic rock prog band A.C.T is releasing “Live at Kulturbolaget“, a concert captured a few years ago showcasing these musicians amazing skills. It is genuinely unsettling to us that A.C.T is not immensely more known than they are. Why A.C.T is not dominating the prog and rock world will never sit well with Us.
If you are reading this website chances are already know this terrific rock machine, but if you’re unaware of who this band is we will make it quick for you; they are a conceptually adventurous and musically ambitious band who will equally delve into advanced ideas as they will massive hooks and melodies.
That being said, “Live at Kulturbolaget” is a great release not only for existing A.C.T fans but also newcomers, and this recordings resume pretty well how good they are. If you don’t like live albums too much try this CD anyway – it’s all so perfectly performed that you will be surprised.
Highly Recommended


1 – The End (Live)
2 – The Wandering (Live)
3 – Ruler of the World (Live)
4 – Torn by a Phrase (Live)
5 – Granpa Phone Home (Live)
6 – The Funniest Man Alive (Live)
7 – Running out of Luck (Live)
8 – Out of Ideas (Live)
9 – Lady in White (Live)
10 – Little Beauty (Live)
11 – Everything’s Falling (Live)
12 – Waltz With Mother Nature (Live)
13 – Useless Argument (Live)
14 – Wailings from a Building (Live)
15 – Mr. Landlord (Live)
16 – A Truly Gifted Man (Live)
17 – Manipulator (Live)

Herman Saming – lead & backing vocals
Ola Andersson – lead & backing vocals, guitar
Jerry Sahlin – lead & backing vocals, synths, keyboards
Peter Asp – bass
Thomas Lejon – drums



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