SUBSIGNAL – A Poetry of Rain [digipak +1] (2023)

SUBSIGNAL - A Poetry of Rain [digipak +1] (2023) Out Of Print - full

Munich-based German/Dutch prog rock quintet SUBSIGNAL are back with their new album, ”A Poetry Of Rain”, to be released on Gentle Art Of Music / Soulfood on September 22. The band’s sixth LP is also their first in five years, and sees the arrival of a new bass player, Dutchman Martijn Horsten.
“That again had to do with the pandemic,” guitarist Markus Steffen explains for the delay between albums. “Existential anxieties crept in. As a result, long-time bassist Ralf Schwager left the band. With Martijn from Rotterdam, however, a worthy replacement was quickly found. Nevertheless, the ten songs are full of longing and a good portion of melancholy.
This is a quite different album from previous SUBSIGNAL works, a band that always delivers interesting atmospheres, delicate melodies, and a crystal clear production / sound.
Deep down, the album title pursues a poetic aspiration. But nostalgia also plays a decisive role. With ”A Poetry Of Rain” the band pursue the ‘cultivation of sadness’, just like the poets during the Renaissance, without ever falling into bottomless gloom.

SUBSIGNAL now seems to be focusing on extremely melodic compositions with touches of technical prowess, delving further into a pop-oriented sound, at places bordering AOR. All are enjoyable and melodic, and you might find a couple of catchy tunes.
As usual with the band, the performances are wonderful. Vocalist Arno Menses sounds amazing, like always, and I’m glad they don’t duplicate his voice anymore, he feels more natural here. Markus Steffen’s guitars are wickedly good and I love how off kilter and stabbing the licks can be. Markus Maichel keys / synths are essential part of SUBSIGNAL as they present us with what we consider to be the iconic Subsignal sound and atmosphere.

”A Poetry Of Rain” is another strong offering from SUBSIGNAL. Originally, especially their first two albums were much more fiery, energetic prog with busy arrangements, now the group balance things with mature melodies, an earthy approach.
SUBSIGNAL does no follow trends, the band make the music they hear in their heads: they need to follow their inspiration.
Highly Recommended


01 – A Poetry of Rain
02 – The Art of Giving In
03 – Marigold
04 – Sliver (The Sheltered Garden)
05 – Impasse
06 – Embers Part II: Water Wings
07 – Melencolia One
08 – A Wound is a Place to let the Light in
09 – The Last of its Kind
10 – A Room on the Edge of Forever (Bonus Track)

Arno Menses – vocals
Markus Steffen – guitars
Martijn Horsten – bass
Markus Maichel – keyboards
Dirk Brand – drums

Yogi Lang (RPWL) – keyboards
Marek Arnold (Damanek) – guitar


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