RUFFYUNZ III (feat Carmine Appice, Dave Meniketti, Tony Franklin) [2023] HQ *Exclusive*

RUFFYUNZ III (feat Carmine Appice, Dave Meniketti, Tony Franklin) [2023] *Exclusive* - full

RUFFYUNZ (Ruffians) is a partnership between bassist Randy Pratt (Cactus / The Lizards), Emmy winning engineer / guitarist JZ Barrell, and powerhouse singer Ed Terry (Slash, Keith Richards, David Lee Roth band) – plus a collection of drum, guitar and keyboard masters.
Guest artists featured on the band’s new album “RUFFYUNZ III” starts with legendary Carmine Appice who dominates the drums, Bumblefoot Thal (Sons of Apollo), Tony Franklin (The Firm), Dave Meniketti (Y&T), Pat Travers, Pat Thrall, Jim McCarty (Cactus), Vinnie Moore (UFO), Derek Sherinian (Sons of Apollo), Tracy G (DIO), Billy “Spaceman” Patterson (Miles Davis) and others. These seasoned, “seen it all” cats really step up and put their mojo into these tracks.
Having the bassist Randy Pratt – especially with his unique, other worldly effects pedal sounds – be the co-producer of this heavy-riff classic rock album, definitely gives the music a “thick richness”. An authentic “old-school” low end bottom bassist & music producer who has true passion for real rock n’ roll and who was born to rock the groove.

There is a delicious irony in opener ‘Street Corner High’ in that Pat Travers and one time sparring partner Pat Thrall share guitar duties whilst the song recalls prime time Hughes/Thrall (it was Glenn Hughes who pinched Thrall for his own band in the early 1980s).
Bumblefoot and Derek Sherinian feature on ‘Looking For The Edge’, an insistent slice of premier league hard rock. ‘Malevolent Fool’ (with one-time Dio guitarist Tracy G.) and the doom-laden ‘Red Line’ (Bumblefoot again) keep up the relentless grind.

The band are at the best on the funkier stuff like the opener, ‘Electric Mind Control’ (with Vinnie Moore and Jesse Berlin), and ‘Far Too Long’ which sees the welcome return of Dave Meniketti or the groove of ‘Hanging’.
Billy “Spaceman” Patterson (Miles Davis, James Brown) guests on the more psychedelic ‘Warm Oasis’.
Elsewhere it can be easy to evoke classic rock glory days. The chugging rhythm of ‘Cadillac Walk’ for example (featuring Jim McCarty’s slide) takes you back to the early ’70s.

RUFFYUNZ III is dominated by an upbeat, funky feel that doubles with hard rock and blues elements. A form of dynamic eclecticism soon comes into play, prudently honoring individuals and their contributions. A crunchy, classic hard rockin’ album with some inspired performances and memorable material.
Highly Recommended


01 – Street Corner High
02 – Looking For The Edge
03 – Malevolent Fool
04 – Red Lines
05 – I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down
06 – Electric Mind Control
07 – Cadillac Walk
08 – Far Too Long
09 – Warm Oasis
10 – Hanging

Ed Terry (Rage And Beyond / American Mafia / Slash) – vocals
Randy Pratt (Cactus / The Lizards) – bass
JZ Barrell – guitar
Carmine Appice – drums, percussion

Dave Meniketti (Y&T)
Pat Thrall (Pat Travers Band / Hughes-Thrall),
Vinne Moore (UFO)
“Bumblefoot” Thal (Guns N’ Roses / Sons Of Apollo)
Tracy G. (Dio)
Pat Travers
Jim McCarty (Cactus)
Tony Franklin (The Firm / Blue Murder)
Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater / Sons Of Apollo)



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Love this album! Ruffyans III probably means there a Ruffyans I and II out there as well. Any chance you can feature them here?


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