THUNDER – Giving The Game Away (2023 Expanded Edition)

THUNDER - Giving The Game Away (2023 Expanded Edition) - full

‘Giving The Game Away’ is the fifth studio album from the British hard rock institution THUNDER. This expanded re-issue edition contains rare, deleted, and previously unreleased bonus tracks.
Showcasing their signature hard rock sound, with powerful riffs and catchy melodies, it was well-received by both fans and critics, with many praising the band’s ability to stay true to their roots while continuing to evolve their sound to a more melodic field.
Featuring the key tracks ‘Just Another Suicide (You Wanna Know)’, ‘All I Ever Wanted’ and ‘Play That Funky Music’, ”Giving The Game Away (2023 Expanded Edition)” is a really welcomed reissue to rediscover this strong rocking album, now with extra material.


1. Just Another Suicide (You Wanna Know)
2. All I Ever Wanted
3. Giving the Game Away
4. You Still Need a Friend
5. Rolling the Dice
6. Numb
7. Play That Funky Music
8. ‘Til It Shines
9. Time to Get Tough
10. It’s Another Day
11. It Could be Tonight
12. Numb (Live at Manchester Academy, 2012) *
13. Rolling the Dice (Live at Rock City Nottingham, 2007) *
14. It’s Another Day (Live at Manchester Academy, 2012) *
15. ‘Til It Shines (Live at Rock City Nottingham, 2008) *

Danny Bowes – vocals
Luke Morley – guitar, production
Ben Matthews – guitar, keyboards
Chris Childs – bass
Gary “Harry” James – drums, percussion
Andy Taylor – acoustic guitar (track 11)


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