LALU – The Fish Who Wanted To Be King (2023)

LALU - The Fish Who Wanted To Be King (2023) - full

LALU is a musical project originally founded in 2004 by the French composer and producer Vivien Lalu, son of Noelle and Michel Lalu (members of the ‘70s French progressive act Polène). ‘The Fish Who Wanted to be King’ is the second album, and fourth album overall from the band, released under the partnership between Vivien and Frontiers Music and is creatively and production-wise a major step forward if compared to the previous works.
Musically”The Fish Who Wanted To Be King” sees a contemporary approach to a Progressive Rock thread which was mostly developed during the ’80s, and that now has also evolved after the explosion of Progressive Metal.
With a line-up that now is stronger and more cohesive than ever, again with singer Damian Wilson (ex-Threshold and regular collaborator of Arjen Lucassen), Joop Wolters on guitar and bass, Jelly Cardarelli on drums and sharing keyboard duties with Matt Daniel, Vivien Lalu managed to create a fabulous final product, boasting over fifty minutes of exceptional, massive cinematic and atmospheric Progressive music.
Technically flawless, and emotionally touching, “The Fish Who Wanted to be King” has a story to tell too.


01 – Forever Digital
02 – The Fish Who Wanted To Be King
03 – Deoxyribonucleic Acid
04 – Is That A London Number
05 – Amnesia 1916
06 – A Reversal Of Fortune
07 – The Wondering Kind

Damian Wilson – Vocals
Joop Wolters – Guitars, Bass
Vivien Lalu – Keyboards
Jelly Cardarelli – Drums
Matt Daniel – Keyboards, Hammond Organ, Piano


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