APRIL WINE – Animal Grace [BGO Digitally Remastered] *HQ*


Now this is a really nice request at 0dayrox: APRIL WINE‘s two more ’80s melodic sounding albums digitally remastered by BGO Records. 1984’s “Animal Grace” and 1986’s “Walking Through Fire” are among the finest melodic rock LP’s from the Canadian factory, catchy and plenty of AOR ditties.
Setting the stage for the final phase in the sputtering glory period of Montreal celestials April Wine, “Animal Grace” marked some kind of a return into the studio for the band after two years. There had been internal tensions, creative struggles and rifts between Myles Goodwyn (who had moved with his family from Canada to the Bahamas) and his four cohorts.
This would be the last album featuring the classic line-up of Goodwyn, Brian Greenway, Gary Moffet, Steve Lang and Jerry Mercer.

Sales were good and reviews were mixed, however ‘Animal Grace’ is one of the strongest April Wine albums, with that 1983-1984 rockin’ vibe akin, at places, Survivor, Foreigner, Loverboy, etc.
Leadoff “This Could Be the Right One” rocks via a brisk tempo and cynical lyrics. You have a cool rocker in “If Money Could Talk”, while there’s sime vintage Wine pumping out on “Gimme That Thing Called Love”.
Über AOR producer Mike Stone co-writes the downright great “Hard Rock Kid” who cooly cooks in the spotlight (“Leave him alone, he’s in the hard rock zone”).

In some aspects these remastered reissues represent the rise and decline of April Wine during the 80s whilst also showcase how truly great melodic rock can be when bands do it right. It also shows the genius of Myles Goodwyn as well as his egomaniacal nature.
This 2-in-1 package is excellent as illustrate the melodic, commercial era of the band. There is no better time than now to revisit these albums; feel good vibe. Canada has produced many fine rock bands but April Wine is just about one of the best.
Kudos to BGO for releasing this wonderful remastering.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – This Could Be The Right One
02 – Sons Of The Pioneers
03 – Without Your Love
04 – Rock Tonite
05 – Hard Rock Kid
06 – Money Talks
07 – Gimme That Thing Called Love
08 – Too Hot To Handle
09 – Last Time I’ll Ever Sing The Blues

Myles Goodwyn – vocals, guitars, keyboards
Brian Greenway – vocals, guitars
Gary Moffet – guitars, background vocals
Steve Lang – bass, background vocals
Jerry Mercer – drums, background vocals



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