BAD HABIT – After Hours [re-cap] [2-CD Remastered + Unreleased] Out Of Print


One of the greatest Melodic rock / AOR acts from the ’80s Swedish scene, BAD HABIT, did a comeback to headline the Swedish AOR Convention, and at the same time released this “After Hours [re-cap] [2-CD Remastered + Unreleased“, a 2-disc set including their celebrated 1989 album ‘After Hours’ freshly remastered plus a bonus track, and an extra CD featuring 2 brand new songs and ton of unreleased tracks from the era, all supervised by the band’s guitarist / producer Hal Marabel.
This limited edition released four years ago is already out of print, and as requested by many of you, here’s for all to enjoy.

Way back in 1989 Bad Habit release ‘After Hours’, one of the strongest European AOR / Melodic rock albums of the year with a sound in the classic Scandinavian style but also influenced big big names from the genre such as FM, Shy, Boulevard, Strangeways, etc.
The singer, Bax Fehling, has an impressive range comparable to vocalists such as Fergie Fredericksen, Tony Mills, or Terry Brock, while the guitarist Hal Marabel delivers solos as impressive as Steve Lukather or Neal Schon. Lush and occasionally “pomp-sounding” keyboards, thanks to Doc Pat Shannon, feature heavily on many songs, while the memorable choruses on tracks such as “Play the Game,” “Rainbow,” “Rowena,” “Don’t Stop,” “Coming Home,” “Living on the Edge,” and “Winner Takes It All” are loaded with grand and rich background vocals.

The bonus disc is excellent, with new songs especially recorded for this reissue, plus early 1988 / 1989 unreleased recordings


Disc One: “After Hours 1989 – Remastered +1”
01 – Living on the Edge
02 – Rainbow
03 – Don’t Stop
04 – Play the Game
05 – More Than I
06 – Rowena
07 – Coming Home
08 – Never Find Another You
09 – The Winner Takes It All
10 – More Than a Feeling
11 – Dancin’


Disc Two: “New & Unreleased”
01 – Love Will Find a Way (New Track)
02 – I Reach for You (New Track)
03 – Rainbow (1988 version)
04 – I Never Knew What Love Could Do (1988 version)
05 – I Need Somebody (1988 version)
06 – Til the End (1988 version)
07 – Mystery (1988 version)
08 – Get Wild (1990 version)
09 – I Want It (1990 version)
10 – Lay Down (1990 version)
11 – Let’s Get High (1990 version)
12 – Ramona (1990 version)
13 – Ridin’ High (1990 version)

Bax Fehling – vocals
Hal Marabel – guitars, keyboards
Jaime Salazar – drums
Doc Pat Shannon – keyboards
Stevie Rose – bass
Sven Cirnski – guitar (2019)
Patrik Södergren – bass (2019)


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