APRIL WINE – Walking Through Fire [BGO Digitally Remastered] *HQ*

APRIL WINE - Walking Through Fire [BGO Digitally Remastered] *HQ* - full

Now this is a really nice request at 0dayrox: APRIL WINE‘s two more ’80s commercial sounding albums digitally remastered by BGO Records. 1984’s “Animal Grace” and 1986’s “Walking Through Fire” are among the finest melodic rock LP’s from the Canadian factory, catchy and plenty of AOR ditties.
After the release of 1984’s “Animal Grace”, April Wine announced a Farewell Tour and they subsequently went their separate ways.
Although the band had broken up they owed one more album to their label. Released in 1985 (or 1986 depending the part of the planet), ‘Walking Through Fire’ features just Goodwyn and Greenway from the classic line-up backed up by Montreal based session players Jean Pellerin on bass, Daniel Barbe on keyboards and Marty Simon on drums.

“Walking Through Fire” is a true exponent of the mid-80s commercial radio-friendly AOR plenty of keyboards / synths, a huge drum sound and choruses larger than life.
We find here wonderful AOR numbers such as the superb “Wanted Dead Or Alive” (my absolute favorite) penned by talented Jeff Cannata, the magic of “Hold On”, and the Foreigner sounding “Love Has Remembered Me” (which was a minor hit single).
I always loved “Anejo”. It does not features a guitar solo, buy a synth solo instead with a mysterious ‘alien’ feel. It’s a great song, and pure ’80s.

There’s very good melodic rockers as well like the bouncy “Wait Any More”, the urgent “Open Soul Surgery” (written by Jim Vallance and sonically akin Loverboy), and the broken “All It Will Ever Be”.
“You Don’t Have To Act That Way” is surely one of Goodwyn’s finest if most obscure achievements.Then the fun “Rock Myself To Sleep”’ was written by two members of Katrina And The Waves, Kimberley Rew and Vince De La Cruz.

In some aspects these remastered reissues represent the rise and decline of April Wine during the 80s whilst also showcasing how truly great melodic rock can be when bands do it right. It also shows the genius of Myles Goodwyn as well as his egomaniacal nature.
This 2-in-1 package is excellent as illustrate the melodic, commercial side of the band. Canada has produced many fine rock bands but April Wine is just about one of the best.
Kudos to BGO for releasing this wonderful remastering.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Rock Myself to Sleep
02 – Wanted Dead Or Alive
03 – Beg For Your Love
04 – Love Has Remembered Me
05 – Anejo
06 – Open Soul Surgery
07 – You Don’t Have To Act That Way
08 – Hold On
09 – All It Will Ever Be
10 – Wait Any More

Myles Goodwyn – vocals, guitars
Brian Greenway – vocals, guitars
Jean Pellerin – bass
Daniel Barbe – keyboards
Marty Simon – drums



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    Thanks for this, however, the mp3 files are from Animal Grace. Could you please fix it?

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