APRIL WINE – The Nature Of The Beast [remastered +2] (2016) HQ *Exclusive*

APRIL WINE - The Nature Of The Beast [remastered +2] (2016) HQ *Exclusive* - full

As requested, we have been featuring APRIL WINE cult classic albums in its best versions / remasters available. Here’s for many their finest LP, 1981’s “The Nature Of The Beast [remastered +2]“. This Euro pressing uses the same 2016 remastering of the Japanese SHM-CD, but instead an album’s single version as bonus, adds two live tracks captured at The Hammersmith.
“The Nature Of The Beast” resulted a success, certified Platinum in the US and placing the single “Just Between You and Me” in the Top 40, and the LP still proves its strength as tracks such as “All Over Town” and “Sign Of The Gypsy Queen” (featuring Thin Lizzy-like dual guitar harmonies) still receive FM airplay all over the world, while “Bad Boys” was recently used in the TV show ‘Supernatural’.
Opener “All Over Town” lurches into action on a lopsided riff before finding its awesome groove – a hard rock groove they seldom abandon through and to the end of the disc.


01 – All Over Town
02 – Tellin’ Me Lies
03 – Sign Of The Gypsy Queen
04 – Just Between You And Me
05 – Wanna Rock
06 – Caught In The Crossfire
07 – Future Tense
08 – Big City Girls
09 – Crash And Burn
10 – Bad Boys
11 – One More Time
12 – Roller (Live At Hammersmith) [bonus]
13 – I Like To Rock (Live At Hammersmith) [bonus]

Myles Goodwyn – vocals, guitars, keyboards
Brian Greenway – vocals, guitar
Gary Moffet – guitars, background vocals
Steve Lang – bass, background vocals
Jerry Mercer – drums



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