BARRY GOUDREAU – Barry Goudreau [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] *HQ*

BARRY GOUDREAU - Barry Goudreau [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] lossless full

There’s no getting away from the fact that the debut on Tom Scholz’s ‘Boston’ album was one of the greatest, and of course most successful, recordings in the history of rock music. It was a record that changed the lives of the band members forever, rapidly elevating them from humble beginnings to headlining huge arenas worldwide.
But good fortune soon turned to disappointment as the band slowly began to implode under the constant demand to keep the cogs of their hit making machine in motion.
At the beginning of the ’80s Boston was effectively put on ice by leader Tom Scholz, in an effort to resolve numerous business differences, leaving the rest of the group with time on their hands.

Guitarist Barry Goudreau seized the moment and set about recording a solo album, enlisting the help of then unknown vocalist Fran Cosmo who, ironically, would later go on to replace front man Brad Delp in Boston.
As requested, here’s Rock Candy Records remastered version of BARRY GOUDREAU‘s solo debut LP “Barry Goudreau“.

BARRY GOUDREAU - Barry Goudreau [Rock Candy Remastered & Reloaded] booklet

Every inch as good as a fully-formed Boston album, “Barry Goudreau” is choc full of superbly constructed songs, great hooks, impressive production (from John Boylan, the producer of the debut Boston album) and Goudreau’s unmistakable, rich guitar tone.
Look out too for further support from fellow Bostonians Sib Hashian on drums and Brad Delp providing some exquisite vocals. Indeed, this album sounds & feels like a Boston record and one that sounds as impressive today as it did when first released.

This is a really good 24-bit remastering from original source tapes, 4,000 word essay about the making of the album, a new interview and full involvement from Barry Goudreau, plus additional previously unseen photos and memorabilia spread out over a 12 page full color booklet.
Highly Recommended


01 – Hard Luck
02 – Nothin’ To Lose
03 – What’s A Fella To Do?
04 – Mean Woman Blues
05 – Leavin’ Tonight
06 – Dreams
07 – Life Is What We Make It
08 – Sailin’ Away
09 – Cold Cold World

Barry Goudreau – guitars, vocals, bass, keyboards
Brad Delp – lead vocals
Fran Cosmo – lead vocals
Sib Hashian – drums, percussion
Jesse Erlich – cello
Joy Lyle, Sid Sharp – violin
David Scwartz – viola



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  1. John T Phillips says:

    please re upload

  2. Snoopy says:

    You can hear that distinctive “Boston” guitar on this album. Great. Thank you very much.

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