GOV’T MULE – Time Of The Signs EP (2023)

GOV'T MULE - Time Of The Signs EP (2023) - full

Jammin’ classic rockers GOV’T MULE released a very strong new album this 2023, Peace… Like a River, and the deluxe edition included a bonus disc, the ”Time Of The Signs EP”, including extra tracks from the same sessions. Now ”Time Of The Signs EP” is being available as standalone CD/vinyl as part of the Record Store Day Black Friday 2023.
Peace… Like a River is the most varied album that Gov’t Mule have made, and certainly the most concise. There is no room for noodling, even when some tracks go over the seven-minute mark. Obviously there are riffs – where would Gov’t Mule be without them? – but more thought has gone into how the song will develop around them.
The same applies to ”Time Of The Signs EP”, all strong numbers of foot-tapping nature. We have here another half hour of quality music, such as the addictive rocker ‘Stumblebum’ which no Mule fan should miss.


01 – Stumblebum
02 – Under The Tent
03 – Time Stands Still
04 – Blue, Blue Wind
05 – The River Only Flows One Way (WH Vocal)

Warren Haynes [guitar, vocals]
Matt Abts [drums, vocals]
Danny Louis [keyboards, guitar, backing vocals]
Jorgen Carlsson [bass, backing vocals]



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