JUSTIN SAYNE – Big Tools (1990) Rare CD

JUSTIN SAYNE - Big Tools (1990) Rare CD full album

As requested, here’s a rare piece from the ’80s – the only album from JUSTIN SAYNE, 1990’s “Big Tools“. JUSTIN SAYNE isn’t a guy, but a five-member band that rocked the American West Coast during the golden decade.
This indie professionally silver-pressed CD delivers quality Melodic Rock / AOR with that classic U.S. sound, self-produced but very well done. Collectors have been trading physical copies of this album for hundreds of dollars, never reissued.
JUSTIN SAYNE comprised talented musicians, a superb lead vocalist, and wrote excellent tunes in this genre. The songs on “Big Tools” are really good, rich in hooks, melodic guitar riffs, keyboard splashes and catchy choruses.
This type of private releases usually suffered from flat production however “Big Tools” sounds fuller, an album that has stood the test of time – this is timeless classic melodic rock – a reminder of the good days of Rock music.

While JUSTIN SAYNE never make it big, that wasn’t an issue for the band. There were some line-up changes but the band stayed together all over the years even when the rock musical climate changed, and still performs occasional gigs.
“Big Tools” is the kind of album you never get tired to hear. The contagious melodies, the band’s sense of rhythm and the overall feel good vibe emanates from this CD every time you press play.
Rare, and Highly Recommended

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01 – New One
02 – Here and Now
03 – Run in the Night
04 – Nobody (Loves You Like I Do)
05 – Money
06 – Burning Embers
07 – Keeper of the Key
08 – Balanced On the Edge
09 – Flames Beat the Blues
10 – Can’t Take it Away
11 – What if it Were You
12 – Touchin’ the Fire
13 – I Know Why

Darren Robinette – lead vocals
Wayne Coyle – vocals, guitar, mandolin
Russ Pfeifer – vocals, keyboards
Rico Weisman – bass, electric & acoustic guitar
Jeff Job – drums, percussion
Roger Witt – additional guitars


Out of print


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