THE PARADIGM SHIFT – For You (2023) *HQ*

THE PARADIGM SHIFT - For You (2023)- lossless full

THE PARADIGM SHIFT is just another superb AOR band from Scandinavia… err… wait, these guys are from India! Yes, believe it or not, on their debut album titled “For You“, this five-piece sound like a mix of Care Of Night and Alien, and add a touch of Canadians Boulevard too.
There’s smooth, intriguing melodies in the music of THE PARADIGM SHIFT, elegant arrangements, really fine playing and a vocalist bringing to mind Chris Rosander, Lars Säfsund (Work Of Art), and even, at places, John Waite. Yeah, it may sound ‘too much’ comparing this band with these established acts / musicians, but believe us; THE PARADIGM SHIFT are second to none.
Danish record label Lions Pride Music doesn’t stops to surprise us finding new, interesting, talented acts from all over the world, and THE PARADIGM SHIFT is just another proof of their fine taste.

Opener ‘From the Ashes’ is one of the coolest tunes you’ll hear this year, classic ’80s stuff. Same with the Lite AOR of title track ‘For You’, a delicate track with a Scandinavian texture circa 1990. ‘Time Machine’ is all about atmospheres, more Westcoast, modern but good similar to Richard Marx recent outings.
For ‘Second to None’ the guys add a poppy-rock rhythm ala 7th Heaven, and why not, Mike & The Mechanics. More power pop results ‘When She Calls Me Up’ driven by pumping bass lines and clean guitars, while ‘Running in Circles’ takes you back to 1985 into an Johnny Hates Jazz type of adult pop.
For the end there’s a bit of 1986 Toto on ‘Before the After Party’, and a slap bass akin Dirty Loops adding a lot of funk to the proceedings.

THE PARADIGM SHIFT’s music is fresh, light as a feather but very enjoyable, a breath of fresh air if you like 80s-style Lite AOR, poppy, uncomplicated yet very well written, produced and executed.
Highly Recommended


01 – From the Ashes
02 – For You
03 – Time Machine
04 – Second to None
05 – When She Calls Me Up
06 – Running in Circles
07 – Hit and Run
08 – Before the After Party

Chechamo Odyuo – vocals
Zejamo Kithan – lead guitars
Arepsen Aier – rhythm guitars
Razo – bass
Bendang – drums


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3 Responses

  1. Neil Tudor says:

    THIS IS BRILLIANT…….. great find……

  2. jay says:

    Thnx 0day, i like what i’ve heard

  3. Neil Tudor says:

    wow….. 30 minutes with this album..and er its vying with Modx Secrets for AOR Wes stcoast popalbum of the year.. both on Pride and Joy records interestingly…!!!!!!!

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