ADVOCACY – The Path Of Decoherence (2024)

ADVOCACY - The Path Of Decoherence (2024) - full

When there’s a debut progressive metal album that references Dream Theater, Haken, and Threshold in the accompanying press release, you’ve got our attention. Then, add a striking piece of artwork that’s been created by band guitarist Søren Wind. And, finally, casually drop into conversation that the band in question hail from Denmark. Put this all together, and you’ve done just about everything possible to ensure that we take a listen.
The band is ADVOCACY, and this debut record that follows up on a couple of EPs, is entitled ‘The Path Of Decoherence’. It features eight songs that span around 48 minutes, and lyrically, the quintet cover all sorts of issues from existentialism, to more grounded and tangible societal matters. ‘The Path Of Decoherence’ certainly makes you think, pay attention, and grapple a little with the music that’s on offer: a staggering amount of good riffs and interesting arrangements, with a sound that’s pretty much their own.

It’s very obvious from a first spin, that drummer Adreas Bek Nygaard Hansen, guitarists Søren Wind and Peter Locher, bassist Peter Juelsgaard, and vocalist/guitarist Søren Kjeldsen are adept musicians with a background in progressive rock music.

On ‘The Path Of Decoherence’ the technical ability is impressive across the band. Odd time signatures, unexpected juxtapositions, chops, solos, and an intelligent blend of prog, rock, and metal, is all wrapped up in a high-energy and strangely compelling record.
Although I must admit I’m really not sure where the Threshold and Haken comparisons come from, because this is generally quite a different product. Yes, there are the occasional similarities, but to my ears, Advocacy are something of a unique proposition.

The album begins with the title track, a dramatic and cinematic instrumental piece which is much more than just a throw-away intro track. However, as soon as ‘Prayer For The Reckless’ kicks in, it is clear that Peter Juelsgaard’s bass playing is central to the Advocacy sound. Not only does it kick off the track in vibrant and commanding fashion, it maintains a central presence throughout the song, never stopping, always pulsing and dancing against the sound of sharp riffing, expressive drumming, and a vocal performance that grows stronger with each passing spin.

‘Star Formation’ is a very strong track. The intro is quiet, brooding, and melodic, almost NWOBHM-like and I love it, being a sucker for these kinds of melodies. There’s a subtle build in intensity that eventually gives way to a slower, meatier central riff and swathes of well-placed orchestration to add depth and texture. It may eventually explode with real power, culminating in a swift and effervescent lead guitar solo but, ending in the way it began, it’s a much less intense and complex-sounding composition that essentially became my gateway into the more technical material on ‘The Path Of Decoherence’.

That said, the follow-up is arguably even better. ‘Cut Loose’ again starts quietly and in melodic fashion, but the explosion of sound happens earlier and with it, comes a gloriously epic feel that shares a similarity or two with the melodic metal genre, as does a galloping rhythm later in the track. The lead guitar lines are beautiful, as it the muscular music beneath it, led by drums and bass in impressive tandem.
The remainder of the album continues to challenge and entertain, particularly the track ‘Deranged’ which, unlike its title, is a tight and engaging progressive metal track with enough melody to bring me back time and time again. It’s the melodic interplay and skipping rhythm that emerges as the halfway stage that most beguiles me, especially as it is sandwiched between two quieter passages where atmosphere and emotion is allowed to fully permeate.

As with plenty of progressive albums over the years, especially those with a certain quirkiness and a greater complexity to them, it has been a reasonably long voyage of discovery here. I began by admiring the music but that admiration has grown, to the point where I’m now really enjoying ‘The Path Of Decoherence’ and I really look forward to hearing all of its charms, melodies, and idiosyncrasies all over again.
Highly Recommended


01 – The Path of Decoherence
02 – Prayer For the Reckless
03 – Leap Of Faith
04 – Star Formation
05 – Cut Loose
06 – Deranged
07 – Interlude
08 – Unnamed

lead vocals, guitar – Søren Kjeldsen
drums, vocals – Adreas Bek Nygaard Hansen
guitars – Søren Wind, Peter Locher
bass, vocals – Peter Juelsgaard



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