FELINE MELINDA – Seven (2024)

FELINE MELINDA - Seven (2024) - full

FELINE MELINDA hail from the South Tyrol part of Italy, formed in 1987. Their releases have had large gaps in between however the group has remained together with some line up changes yet always fronted by vocalist / guitarist Rob Irbiz.
The band evolved in sound & style since the ’80s currently playing melodic hard rock with a metal edge, with an occasional power-metal run with commercialism. All that you’ll hear on their new CD ”Seven”, yeap, their 7th album in almost 35 years.

Mixed & mastered by Mr. Sascha Paeth (Avantasia) FELINE MELINDA’s ”Seven” has a very European sound for the genre, at times very melodious (‘Welcome to the Show’, ‘Blinded by the Beauty), at others heavier, sharper (‘Black Sun’, ‘Higher’). There’s a cool duet with female vocalist Doris Albenberger on ‘Seventh Heaven’, a catchy lite metal tune.
There’s a strong guitar work all over the album, at places pretty virtuoso solos.
A solid band that manages everything by their own and keeping together for over 3 decades is something remarkable.
Highly Recommended


01 – Welcome to the Show
02 – Blinded by the Beauty
03 – In the Shadow of the Moon
04 – Can You Feel My Eyes on You
05 – Seventh Heaven (feat Doris Albenberger)
06 – Jolly Joker
07 – Black Sun
08 – She’s Like a Thunderstorm
09 – Higher
10 – More Than Ever
11 – Before the Dawn

Rob Irbiz – Vocals, Guitar
Chris Platzer – Drums
Headmatt – Lead Guitar
Gschnell – Bass



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