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METALITE - Expedition One (2024) - full

Swedish melodic power commercial metal act METALITE is back with their fourth album “Expedition One“, which is the theme of a fictitious story about life on our planet in the year 2055. The ‘transparent citizen’ has become a bitter reality, with physical and mental health conditions increasingly determining our lives. Headed by five ‘commanders’, a renegade team consisting of former intelligence service and military personnel plus breakaway tech company executives is planning a survival expedition to distant planets. Their mission: to transport mankind from our ruined planet to a new world, in the hope that new life will develop.
Musically, “Expedition One” is an excellent concept album. With 16 songs clocking in at just over 67 minutes total, the album’s haunting songs take the listener on a musical journey filled with epic melodies, as intricate guitar work interweaves seamlessly with with catchy keyboard riffs. Erica Ohlsson’s lush vocals dominate the songs with melodies that are easy to sing along with, and have an uplifting effect.
Metalite improves with each release, and “Expedition One” is so far the best of their four albums.


01. Expedition One
02. Aurora
03. CtrIAltDel
04. Cyberdome
05. Blazing Skies
06. Outer Worlds
07. New Generation
08. In My Dreams
09. Disciples of the Stars
10. Free
11. Legendary
12. Paradise
13. Sanctum of Light
14. Utopia
15. Take My Hand
16. Hurricane


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