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A few days ago we featured the remastered reissue of an ’80s album from the band TORONTO, and it was requested here as well some music from Toronto founding members Brian Allen previous act ROSE.
ROSE put out three LP’s during the Seventies, and their most successful was entitled “Taste Of Neptune“. This is their only album released on CD, remastered, done by a Korean record label (oddly Rose was popular there), a rare hard to find reissue.
Musically, 1977’s “Taste Of Neptune” is Pomp-Rock with AOR, melodic rock and proggy touches, plenty of catchy melodies, smooth vocals and washes of organ and string synthesizer very much of its time, akin Giuffria’s Angel, Starz, and at places, fellow Canadians Triumph – don’t forget Triumph’s debut album appeared the same year, and both bands shared stages.

The album starts with a couple of late Seventies styled rockers “Ride Away” and “Snakes and Ladders”, followed by the laid-back lost-love song with “Marie (Where Have You Gone)” that features some very good piano and vocal work by Ron Glatley, along with two-part background harmonies and tasteful guitar soloing by Brian Allen.
Drummer Jim Fox and bassist Gary Lalonde provide a dynamic rhythm section. Lalonde does contribute vocals throughout the album as well, and kicks up the bass a bit more on the heavier tracks such as “Bangin’ My Head” and opener “Ride Away”. He also contributed to “Don’t Surrender”, another borderline arena-rock number.

“Aquarian” is a quite interesting track. The lead-in for this song sounds so Seventies that I actually started having involuntary flashbacks the first time I heard it. If you recall groups like Silver, Pilot or Greg Kihn just fire this one up and enjoy the trip back in time.
The group ends the album with title track “Taste Of Neptune”, where Rose proggy touch appears. It’s a very good composition that makes good use of Glatley’s keyboard skills, Allen’s guitar work and all the band member’s vocal abilities.

“Taste Of Neptune” is a quite unknown album, as well as ROSE, but a really good one.
A highly recommended piece for fans of Seventies Pomp AOR, especially of the Canadian variety.

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Si-Wan Records ~ SRMC 4057

01 – Ride Away
02 – Snakes And Ladders
03 – Marie (Where Have You Gone?)
04 – Bangin’ My Head Against The Wall
05 – Aquarian
06 – Don’t Surrender
07 – Yet It Follows Me Still
08 – A Taste Of Neptune

Lead Guitar, Vocals – Brian Allen
Vocals, Keyboards, Rhythm Guitar, Percussion – Ron Glatley
Vocals, Bass – Gary LaLonde
Drums, Percussion, Autoharp, Vocals – Jim Fox


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