MEAN BLUE DAYS (Steve Brown of Trixter) – Mean Blue Days (2005) *Rare*

MEAN BLUE DAYS (Steve Brown of Trixter) - Mean Blue Days (2005) *Rare* Out Of Print - full

While achieving international success as member / songwriter for melodic hard rockers TRIXTER, Steve Brown never sit still. Since the breakup of TRIXTER in the mid-90s he has headed up or been involved with many bands, producing & engineering records for many artists and writing for others.
As requested, we’re featuring one of these Brown bands / projects, this unknown MEAN BLUE DAYS, whom released this self-titled effort in the 2000’s, only sold at the band’s website back in the day and very hard to find.
Steve Brown is credited as producer, with the MEAN BLUE DAYS musicians listed as Bobby Valante (vocals), Martino Hroncich (guitars), GiGi (bass) and Cheese (drums). But in fact, the mastermind behind “Mean Blue Days” is Steve Brown himself who not only performs the lead vocals but also many instruments, did the songwriting, production, mix, et all.
Musically “Mean Blue Days” is modern melodic rock sonically similar to Harem Scarem 2000’s. Catchy and modern, with a feel-good vibe.

First cut ‘First Time In My Life’ sets the tone with its uptempo melody, rocking out big time with a simple, yet awesome guitar riff that may remind you of early VAN HALEN with modern production. It’s a classy (modern) melodic rock track that has all the elements to be a success at rock radio in any era.

“40 Days” picks up where the first track ended. The guitar playing is great and singer “Bobby Valante” is pure Steve Brown. Brown has always been a talented guitarist and because of the earlier VAN HALEN riff-age comparison – a major influence of Brown’s – you can tell he is playing electric guitar here.
Third track “2nd Avenue” mellows things out a bit with a more acoustic-based song. Again the song is classy and may even remind one a bit musically of the GOO GOO DOLLS. Brown’s production really shines through on a track like this as it is crisp and clear.

“You’re So Cool” is maybe the catchiest song here. It has super memorable chorus that will get stuck in your head for days. It’s modern and with a simple riff, but so infectious. The song is very cool (no pun intended) and something that could have been a radio hit in the hands of a major label.
“Just Like Today” slows things down a bit again. While the song doesn’t particularly sound like anybody else it is fairly a paint-by-numbers affair.

“Devil’s Chain” closes out in rocking fashion like the modern side of HAREM SCAREM meets BUTCH WALKER. The vocals have a slightly distorted effect but the chorus catchy and the guitar work is crunchy.

Steve Brown kept very busy (still he is) and we never heard of MEAN BLUE DAYS again. A pity, this is fun, rocking uncomplicated catchy stuff, never reissued or available anywhere.
Highly Recommended


01 – First Time In My Life
02 – 40 Days
03 – 2nd Avenue
04 – You’re So Cool
05 – Just Like Today
06 – Devil’s Chain

Bobby Valante – vocals
Martino Hroncich – guitars
GiGi – bass
Cheese – drums

Out of print


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