ART NATION – Inception (2023) *HQ*

ART NATION - Inception (2023) - lossless full

Inception” is ART NATION‘s first new album in four years and sees vocalist Alexander Strandell, guitarist Christoffer Borg, bassist Richard Svärd, and drummer Alexander Lundgren delivering a powerful musical statement. Huge, anthemic melodic hard rock mixed with European metal influences throughout make “Inception” an undeniably enjoyable sonic delight.
After having worked with lead vocalist Alexander Strandell on 2022’s excellent debut album from Crowne, “Kings In The North”, Frontiers Music approached Alexander about working together on a new Art Nation album and thankfully Strandell was keen on the idea. Importantly and crucially, guitarist Christoffer Borg, who started the band with Strandell in 2014, has returned to Art Nation. Strandell and Borg, along with bassist Richard Svärd and drummer Alexander Lundgren, have re-established that great musical spirit and chemistry that launched the band and Art Nation is back and better than ever.


1. Brutal & Beautiful
2. Last Of The Burned
3. 1001
4. Fight Fire With Fire
5. Echo
6. Break Up
7. Light The Fire
8. The Legend Reborn
9. Somewhere I Know I Belong
10. Superman
11. Powerless

Alexander Strandell – Vocals
Christoffer Borg – Guitar
Richard Svärd – Bass
Alexander Lundgren – Drums


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