THE GRANDMASTER – Black Sun (2024) *HQ*

THE GRANDMASTER - Black Sun (2024) *HQ* - full

Following their explosive 2021 debut “Skywards,” THE GRANDMASTER, led by German guitarist Jens Ludwig (co-founder of Edguy), is set to deliver a powerful fusion of power and melody with a distinctive Teutonic twist on their upcoming Frontiers Music new album “Black Sun“.
Keen to hit the road to promote further releases, Danish vocalist Peer Johansson has been welcomed into the fold for the recording of ‘Black Sun’, the group’s follow-up record. Celebrated for his contributions to bands such as Fate, Ureas and Pentakill, Johansson’s voice is characterised by its warmth and an impressive range that has seen him compared to fellow hard rock titans like Rob Halford and Jorn Lande.
Musically exuding infectious grooves and again displaying the exceptional prowess of Ludwig with a series of rhythmic riffs and captivating solos, the stellar vocal performances delivered by one of the genre’s hidden gems is the icing on the cake.


01 – Black Sun
02 – Watching The End
03 – While The Sun Goes Down
04 – Learn to Forgive
05 – Heaven’s Calling
06 – Something More
07 – Fly, Icarus Fly
08 – I’m Alive
09 – What We Can Bear
10 – Soul Sacrifice
11 – Into The Dark

Peer Johansson – vocals
Jens Ludwig – guitars
Alessandro Del Vecchio – bass, keyboards
Brett Jones – keyboards
Mirko De Maio – drums


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