TOXIKULL – Under The Southern Light (2024)

TOXIKULL - Under The Southern Light (2024) - full

Born and raised under the hot & blinding southern light of Portugal’s capital Lisbon, TOXIKULL took off in 2016 and with two full-length albums, an EP, and a collection of singles, TOXIKULL’s taunting, fearless attitude has conquered the European heavy metal underground.
They now shift gears with “Under the Southern Light“, where present a more mature, melodic, yet thankfully still-rough version of themselves. Stomping and strutting with absolutely authentic mid / late ‘80s swagger, ”Under the Southern Light” is an unabashed throwback to the era where heavy metal ruled the airwaves and arenas alike.
The ten tracks comprising the 41-minute “Under the Southern Light” are all anthems in the making: larger than life, heavy and spacious, moody and dynamic. Gleaming with their brightest chrome yet, TOXIKULL here invoke the quintessential likes of ‘80s Ozzy Osbourne, Dio, Judas Priest, Accept, Black Sabbath, WASP, Ratt, Scorpions, Warlock, America’s Icon, and many more.
But, instead of pastiche or hero worship, “Under the Southern Light” is more so a tableau of TOXIKULL’s own sound – they rearrange all these classic metallic riffs with their own touch. Razor sharp heavy riffs dominate the album, still plenty of melody, and if you like crunchy bright productions, this is for you!

You can feel the rubber meets the road with all speakers cranked full volume to take in the sound of Toxikull, a stunning example of the traditional metal and melodic hard rock influences on hand, executing this material in an old school ’80s manner with all the requisite tricks of the trade to convincingly create memorable tracks.

The subtle use of reverb, echo, or flange effects deepens the emotional authenticity wherever you choose to drop the needle (for vinyl lovers) or in any format you prefer. Soaking in the mix of US and European influences from the 80s decade, many will be able to pick out aspects of specific bands from Accept to W.A.S.P., Icon to Warlock, as well as the tried-and-true Dio, Judas Priest, and Saxon aspects – yet the four-piece find a way to inject a pure honest spirit to their performances, writing (and delivering) from the heart.

Guitarist Lex Thunder doubles on lead vocals, his delivery, phrasing, and range certainly befitting of a powerhouse with leather lungs to spare – as the high-octane screams prove on “Battle Dogs” (added points for the boot marching, whistled conclusion). Elsewhere you’ll feel the synchronized dual rhythms next to double kick speed penetrating brains to take “Night Shadows” into future set list staple status, the additional background vocals plus bass heroic lines from Antim deserve devil horns approval.

Simplified riff hooks match certain tempos to encourage arena-level support as “Around the World” illustrates, while the Lex Thunder / Michael Blade axe tandem pulls off some Thin Lizzy-esque meets Kiss harmonies on second half highlight “Going Back Home”.
Forty minutes later, most will be ready for a return engagement as the addictive nature to the band’s style is easily infectious – swinging for the fences in tightly executed arrangements leaving little to chance.

Toxikull has captured the ’80s metal essence with ”Under the Southern Light” – one that the old-timers (and hopefully the younger generation) will hoist high to the power of traditional heavy metal and its ubiquitous, never say die attitude.
Highly Recommended


01 – Night Shadows
02 – Around The World
03 – Under The Southern Light
04 – Battle Dogs
05 – Ritual Blade
06 – Ghost Of A Dream
07 – Knights Of Leather
08 – Going Back Home
09 – They Are Falling
10 – Filhos Do Metal

Antim – Bass, Lead Vocals
Lex Thunder – Guitars, Lead Vocals
Michael Blade – Guitars
Tommy – Drums


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