LEAVES’ EYES – Myths Of Fate (2024)

LEAVES' EYES - Myths Of Fate (2024) - full

Four years after their last effort, symphonic metal combo LEAVES’ EYES are gearing up for the release of their new album “Myths Of Fate”, to celebrate their 20th year of existence. With their ninth studio album, the Germany-based artists consolidate their leading position in the symphonic metal universe. Powerful and epic – Leaves’ Eyes once again merge traditional metal genres by fusing elements of folk, gothic, and classical music into a captivating cocktail.
With “Myths Of Fate” Leaves’ Eyes once again set sails for new winds that definitely blow from the harsh shallows of the symphonic metal genre. The fantastic world of legends from Norse and Eastern European mythology is the setting for cool entertainment.
You can expect sympho passages with ethereal melodies, with heavy riffs and powerful vocals, epic tales and rich instrumentation.

Leaves’ Eyes explore various historical topics but this time they have branched into Eastern European themes as their rich tapestry of sonic education shows no signs of running short of ideas. Since the previous album, there was a channelling into more commercial catchy realms and this is extremely applicable to ‘Myths Of Fate’. We’d go so far to say it is potentially the band’s best album to date.

Opener ‘Forged By Fire’ typifies what Leaves’ Eyes are about, sumptuous orchestration laden with grandiose catchy riffing set against the wondrous vocal tones of Elina Siirala who I think has produced the best performance of her career. With her soaring vocals enhancing everything this album has to offer, you are left in no doubt that the ghost of the band’s previous vocalist have been firmly laid to rest.
I couldn’t find a song I didn’t like as it continues with the acoustic / folk tinged ‘Realm Of Dark Waves’ replete with catchy chorus breaks you can sing along to. There is a hint of melancholy to the song too something the band has always had to some degree but here it is subtly ingrained into how the track is delivered.

‘Who Wants To Live Forever’ is a fine composition, its calm piano opening with orchestration is delicately executed before the masterful metal inserts itself. Again it has a slight morosity alongside the massively catchy chorus as you can feel the cohesion the album has as it flows from one song to another.
Ominous and slightly less upbeat we get ‘Hammer Of The Gods’ as the lingering vocal line adds passionate potency and contrasts with the more midpaced like ‘In Eternity’. The anthemic drive of its initial soaring vocal line surrenders to leave Elina’s vocals and a tribal like drum pattern. The song is very sorrowful, but not ballad like, its melancholy is soaked in uplifting atmospherics courtesy of Elina but also the excellent guitar work. I have not mentioned Alex’s vocal contribution yet and as always his deep resonating tones add a layer of texture to the songs you either love or loathe within the band’s music.

Strings adorn the opening of the superb ’Goddess Of The Night’ where the vocal softly interjects, as here we get an almost ballad styled song and it is songs like this that Elina really stamps her authority on the album.
Rousing with bombast is ‘Sons Of Triglav’ the deeper vocals chant precedes the much denser riffing the band is renowned for allowing Alex’s vocals to take full focus and is bolstered by one of the albums finest lead breaks, something we have in droves throughout the whole listening experience.
With an isolated vocal opening ’Elder Spirit’ is typical of the band, saturated in musicality and ornate arrangements the song is supremely catchy but steeped in sadness created by the mournful vocal display but also the much darker riffing style.

Massively folk inspired ‘Einherjar’ is hugely upbeat and I suspect this song will be aired live when they hit our shores this month, I sincerely hope so. Closing the album is ‘Sail With The Dead’, where percussive elements are blended to choral vocal arrangements and orchestration. It is highly dramatic due to the orchestration as I feel this aspect of the band has been especially focused on the release making the whole album that bit more luxuriant and epic. It is a majestic track to conclude the album with as the alternating vocal styles offer deep contrast amidst the songs very melodic foundation.

Leaves’ Eyes has been quite consistent all over two decades, but with this ninth full length they have really pulled out all the stops to unveil possibly their finest and most accessible album they’ve ever released.
Highly Recommended


01 – Forged By Fire
02 – Realm Of Dark Waves
03 – Who Wants To Live Forever
04 – Hammer Of The Gods
05 – In Eternity
06 – Fear The Serpent
07 – Goddess Of The Night
08 – Sons Of Triglav
09 – Elder Spirit
10 – Einherjar
11 – Sail With The Dead

Elina Siirala – Vocals
Alexander Krull – Vocals, Keyboards, Samples, Programming
Luc Gebhardt – Guitars
Micki Richter – Guitars, Vocals (choirs)
Joris Nijenhuis – Drums, Vocals (choirs)


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