SUPER db – Downtown (2024)

SUPER db - Downtown (2024) - full

Every day is a warm Californian night, the suits are loose the sleeves rolled up, the hair is feathered, the cars are low to the floor, the drinks are fruity sweet and the afterparty is on a yacht with the hint that maybe it does shuttle runs to Columbia and back.
Downtown” is the upcoming album from SUPER db, a British band channeling the golden age of Westcoast AOR as the synths started to come in.

SUPER db is a 4-piece from the South of England whose sound is a distinctive mix of pop, rock, funk, and FM AOR, evoking the sound of the early ’80s American WestCoast. The line-up consists of twin brothers J-M Sutcliffe (Guitars & Vocals) and J-P Sutcliffe (Keyboards, Percussion & Vocals), along with two new members, Jonathan Wills (Drums, Percussion) and Indigo Pearce (Bass).

All four band members are proficient composers, not only writing songs for Super db, but individually for other projects too. J-P has released two solo albums and is also one half of the pop music duo Warcliffe. J-P and J-M have also released two albums as The Sutcliffe Brothers, exploring their passion for 80s rock and progressive rock.
Super db started to gather an underground following after the release of their debut album Death by Disco.
Their song “The Best In Me” was selected to be featured on a Warner Music compilation album titled California Groove IV which was released in June 2018. Radio plays including from across the USA followed close behind.

“Downtown” features all the trademark ingredients from the genre, including soulful close harmony vocal stacks, popping bass lines, clean guitar solos, and smooth arrangements / production, all set to the tones of the FM rock / WestCoast era of the late 1970s to early 1980s.

“Downtown” is an album that promises to take the listener on a journey back in time when melody was king and Walkmans were all the rage. Twelve songs all evoke the feel-good vibes of summer nights at the beach.
Highly Recommended


01 – Downtown City Girl
02 – Back To Me
03 – Side by Side
04 – And She Cries
05 – Moment In Time
06 – Hard Drivin’
07 – Shake It
08 – Spicoli’s Jam
09 – All They Wanted
10 – Song For Matt
11 – Brazil
12 – Maquina

J-M Sutcliffe (Guitars & Vocals)
J-P Sutcliffe (Keyboards, Percussion & Vocals)
Jonathan Wills (Drums, Percussion)
Indigo Pearce (Bass)


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