GULFSTREAM – Rock Story (2024) *HQ*

GULFSTREAM - Rock Story (2024) *HQ* - full

Founded in 2019, GULFSTREAM offers us a nice mix of AOR & Melodic Rock on their new album “Rock Story” released today, an 11-tracker mostly inspired by the American sound. This is a very melodius song collection, plenty of sweet melodies and warm production.
The album begins with “I’ve Been Singing”, and since the first notes we get a solid playing, from polished guitar riffs and keyboard splashes to clean vocals. A midtempo tune very melodic, both in the verse and the chorus. More poppy is follower “I’m Down” adding a touch of radio friendly pop-rock, however with articulate arrangements. On “It’s a Misery” things get harder, with incisive guitar work and a more powerful rhythm section. GULFSTREAM are able to deliver a punchy sound too.
It’s time for a ballad, “So Long”, and singer Patrick Mars demonstrates his fine phrasing, a very ’80s track overall augmented by the smooth production.

“City Lights” relaunches the group’s AOR machine. The very melodic chorus is reinforced by the group’s backing vocals. It really adds consistency. “Is There A Light” is the second romantic composition – starts as a power ballad but in the mid-section gains momentum and brings a superb climax.
“From Yesterday” begins in a very rock’n roll way, always melodic, in the FM Rock style, a well written number. With “Did You Hear The Wind Blows” the group’s melodic wind continues nailing the genre, a midtempo track magnified by Patrick’s voice and its captivating melody. A highlight.

Title track “Rock Story”, as its name suggests, is a rocking song, simple, riff driven and invites shout it loud in a live setting. “Still Love You” is a ballad, again, pretty ’80s in nature, where Patrick duets with the female voice of Charlotte Perrin bringing additional emotion.
“So Damn Sexy” rocks hard, a fun party tune where you can hear these guys are a well oiled machine. Melodic hard rock with a great bridge and a catchy chorus. A strong way to end the album.

There’s a lot of competition in the scene today, let’s hope that GULFSTREAM find a place between the AOR / Melodic Rock fans. “Rock Story” is a good, entertaining album, well written, executed & produced. The guys also add a touch of FM rock and ’80s rock&pop here and there, balanced by some pretty rocking numbers.
Highly Recommended


01 – I ve Been Singing
02 – I’m Down
03 – It’s a Mistery
04 – So Long
05 – City Lights
06 – Is There a Light
07 – From Yesterday
08 – Did You Hear The Wind Blows
09 – Rock Story
10 – Still Love You
11 – So Damn Sexy

Patrick Mars (vocals)
Pascal Mars (drums)
Guillaume Archetti (guitar)
Bruno De Cavalho (bass)
Thierry Dagnicourt (keyboards)



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