FREEDOM CALL – Silver Romance (2024) *HQ*

FREEDOM CALL - Silver Romance (2024) *HQ* full

An album title that fits perfectly in two respects: ”Silver Romance” is the name of the latest release by German melodic metal act FREEDOM CALL. The moniker not only stands for the band’s 25th anniversary – referred to by singer/guitarist and band founder Chris Bay tongue-in-cheek as “our silver wedding anniversary” – but also applies to the content of the recording: “Qualities such as clarity, freedom and lightness are attributed to silver as a precious metal,” explains Bay.
Anthemic, melodic, feel good melody that characterize FREEDOM CALL are served since the opener title track, driven by power chords straight from the ’90s power metal playbook. Continuing with the easy listening, Symphony Of Avalon and Supernova are taste sensations that bring the sizzle to proceedings; the former pulling its ingredients from Queen’s We Are The Champions as much as it does pure cheese-fun power metal and Cotton Candy-sweet hooks, whilst the latter’s sparkly Eurovision AOR synths take you on a wild ride through a cosmic supernova, with a chorus so catchy you’ll claim they’ve created ‘power-metal-pop’.


01 – Silver Romance
02 – Symphony of Avalon
03 – Supernova
04 – Infinity
05 – Out of Space
06 – Distant Horizon
07 – In Quest of Love
08 – Blue Giant
09 – Meteorite
10 – Big Bang Universe
11 – New Haven
12 – High Above
13 – Metal Generation

Chris Bay (vocals, keys, guitar)
Lars Rettkowitz (guitar)
Francesco Ferraro (bass)
Ramy Ali (drums)


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