ROXETTE – Travelling (2012)

ROXETTE - Travelling (2012)


If you are wondering why a Rock&Pop band is being reviewed here, the answer is simple; ROXETTE writes good songs, and regarding the genres, they always have been appreciated by Melodic Rock fans.
Three years after their 2009 comeback, the Swedish Rock&Pop phenomenon Roxette are one of the busiest bands in the World, unrelentingly touring.
That’s why their new album is called “Travelling”.

Their World Tour is in full swing with virtually 1,000,000 concert tickets sold since the tour started out within the Tatneft Arena in Russian Kazan a year ago. On high of that another million Roxette records has been added to the already dizzying seventy million that Roxette has sold over the years.
So far the band has played quite eighty five shows in 30+ countries (and the trip continues they don’t arrange to rest till they’ve played one hundred fifty shows).
However besides zigzagging between airports, arenas, hotels and meeting with fans from everywhere the planet, the band conjointly has found time to record their new CD.
The idea has been to faucet into all the positive energy that has boosted the band throughout this dazzling trip, and channel it to new Roxette music.
In short, an album that captures the sensation of a band on a roll – constantly on the move, snatching inspiration as they go; recording in hotel rooms, studios, at soundchecks and together.

The result is a desirable musical postcard with fifteen good songs, most of them are new, some are revisited classics and others being pearls that for numerous reasons hasn’t seen the sunshine of day before.
A tight and impressed band has gathered around a batch of Per Gessle tunes, where the relentless hit-maker once more and once more proves that his sense of melody and skill to surprise remains top-notch.

On “Travelling”, the ‘bubble-gum pop’ is gone (except for “Me & You & Terry & Julie”) and what’s in its place is a more mature style of rock&pop music which, as this album shows, Roxette is at their best at producing.
We have longer songs and more real instruments, played by real musicians in flesh & blood.
Marie Fredriksson hasn’t sounded this good for a long time, especially on the uptempo tracks, and Per is no slouch either, in fact he does his usual good job with the guitar as well as the singing. The band seem so much more confident than on the previous albums, this World Tour is doing them wonders.
“Travelling” should be the most mature Roxette album ever. Just good songs.

01 – Me & You & Terry & Julie
02 – Lover Lover Lover
03 – Turn Of The Tide
04 – Touched By The Hand Of God
05 – Easy Way Out
06 – It’s Possible (Version One)
07 – Perfect Excuse
08 – Excuse Me, Sir, Do You Want Me To Check On Your Wife?
09 – Angel Passing
10 – Stars [live from Dubai soundcheck]
11 – The Weight Of The World
12 – She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio) [live in Rio]
13 – See Me
14 – It’s Possible (Version Two)
15 – It Must Have Been Love (New version)


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