ATLANTYCA – To Nowhere And Beyond (2012)

ATLANTYCA - To Nowhere And Beyond (2012)


ATLANTYCA is a brand new French band basically enroled into the Progressive Metal genre, but on the more melodious side of the spectre, as their debut album “To Nowhere and Beyond” is watered by many European Melodic Hard Rock elements.

The project was initiated by Julien Putigny, a songwriter and guitarist based in Lyon, and his brother Maxime (bass). After years of playing the local club circuit, the brothers started Atlantyca with the encouragement of top drummer Laurent Falso, who played with many French stars and progressive bands.

The trio spent a lot of time in the studio, working constantly to develop their songs into demos. Their latest drew the attention of radio shows, the label Brennus Music and the Rhone-Alpes Regional Council who believed in this project. In September 2010, the band started to record its debut album “To Nowhere and Beyond”.

Initial recordings were presented to world-class singers who effusively accepted to participate the project; Edu Falaschi (Angra, Almah – Brazil), Paul Shortino (King Kobra, Quiet Riot, Rough Cutt – USA), Andy Kuntz (Vanden Plas, Abydos – Germany) and ex- Double Dealer David Steele, a professional session singer who has recorded as well with Bon Jovi, Loverboy, The Cult and Def Leppard, from Canada.

The album opens with the marvelous intrumental “Impulse”, which after and enchanting relaxing start develops a true solid melody based on guitars and keys over a pulsting rhtyhm section.

“Standard Man” features Andy Kuntz on vocals, and in fact the track sound like the more melodic side of his band Vanden Plas. It’s a captivating tune with a certain touch of dreaminess.

Title track “Nowhere And Beyond” is where the band truly sounds prog metal, with Edu Falaschi adding his power pipes in various layers of vocals mixed together.

The musical direction turn more Melodic Hard Rock oriented on “Beyond Infinite”, to a great extent thanks to David Steele’s melodic vocal register. The song is catchy and features high doses of commercial keyboards and a gradiose chorus.

It’s followed by “Eternity”, again with Steele on vocals. This guy is a really good melodious vocalist, Melodic Rock bands take note of this singer when you need to hire a frontman. Regarding the song, starts as an acoustic ballad and then becomes into a more than interesting midtempo rocker.

“Time After Time” is the one and only track featuring a female vocalist, the unknown Michelle. It’s a proggy modern song and a dark approach, with good instrumentation but not particularly interesting.

Things return to the good path with one of the best tracks of the CD, the acoustically driven midtempo “My Road” performed by the stainless Paul Shortino. His broken-style vocals here are full of emotion and elevates the song, even more at the end when the full band enters into the scene in this really good composition.

Last track “Underworlds” is the only ‘long’ track here, and a damn fine one. It’s full of dynamics, alternating uptempo sections with calmer rhythms. Edu Falaschi’s vocals are counterpointed by females, and after a varied intrumentation, Andy Kuntz joins the team at the end.

Although marketed as Prog Metal, most of the music on “To Nowhere and Beyond” isn’t too metalized at all. The compositional structures belongs to the genre for the most part, but musically, Atlantyca didn’t overwhelms with the typical flashing-virtuoso overruns.

This is an album based on melodies and focused on ‘songs’ instead of long multi-part suites. Prove of this are most of the tracks averaging the 4:30 minutes in length.

With well chosen vocalists for each track, “To Nowhere and Beyond” offers a natural and organic sound that ensures a lasting impression on listeners. Production is good, with Andy VanDette (Rush, Porcupine Tree) involved behind the knobs.

If you pay due attention to this album you will be surprised and gratefully pleased, as Atlantyca delivers a wonderful stroll through well crafted melodies.


01 – Impulse

02 – Standard Man (feat. Andy Kuntz)

03 – Nowhere And Beyond (feat. Edu Falaschi)

04 – Beyond Infinite (feat. David Steele)

05 – Eternity (feat. David Steele)

06 – Time After Time

07 – My Road (feat. Paul Shortino)

08 – cEvilisation (feat. David Steele)

09 – Underworlds (feat. Andy and Edu)

Julien Putigny: Guitars

Maxime Putigny: Bass

Laurent Falso: Drums

Edu Falaschi (Angra): Vocals

Andy Kuntz (Vanden Plas): Vocals

Paul Shortino (Rough Cutt, Quiet Riot): Vocals

David Steele (Double Dealer): Vocals

Michelle, Tara: Vocals


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