SHA-BOOM – The Race Is On (2012)

VANGOUGH - Kingdom Of Ruin (2011)


Norwegians SHA-BOOM become a sensation in Scandinavia at the end of the eighties / earlier nineties with their mixture of poppy radio-rock and commercial AOR. They returned in 2005 with only original member Dag Finn at the helm (even though ex- bassist Peo Thyren has helped out with some lyrics) and Tommy Denander as partner in crime.

The result was “The Race Is On” which now is being re-released worldwide slightly remixed.

Dag Finn assembled a cast of excellent players for this album who need no introduction to those who follow the Swedish scene (check the awesome personnel below). No doubt Tommy Denander’s contacts enabled this new effort to have a record label behind it.

“The Race Is On” is million times harder than the band’s earlier albums, combining catchy melodic rock sounds with rockin’ Scandi AOR.

Dag’s vocals are a cross between Stage Dolls’ Torstein Flakne and Bonfire’s Claus Lessman with a raspy touch, while the musicianship doesn’t need to be questioned, as all are well known quality musicians and play at their game here.

The overal sound and style in “The Race Is On” reminds you Euro Melodic Rock acts such as Casanova, Return, Evenrude, and more recently; Rydell & Quick.

The harder and rockier approach in this new encarnation of Sha-Boom are clear in opener “Blah Blah Blah” and the killer uptempo ‘Into The Fire’.

There are some truly osum melodic rock tunes as “Why Did I..?” (terrific), “Somewhere In The Dark”, the midtempo “22nd Of October” and the moving “This Is My Life”, while “My Home Town” adds AOR to the melodic rock recipe.

Sha-Boom bring to the table some of their melodic poppy origins; “Message Of Love”, the title track “The Race Is On” and “Big Bang” are just three tracks that scream out for radio play.

“The Race Is On” is full of catchy hooks and heavenly choruses, instant easy to listen tunes that leaves you with a big smile on the face.

This is pure Scandi Melodic Rock AOR with an updated sound (courtesy of Tommy Denander) and fun, feel-good lyrics and melodies.

If you slipped Sha-Boom’s “The Race Is On” back in a day, don’t miss it now.

The Scandies do it yet again.

01 – Blah, Blah, Blah

02 – Somewhere In The Dark

03 – My Hometown

04 – The Race Is On

05 – 22nd Of October

06 – Into The Fire

07 – Get The Party Started

08 – Message Of Love

09 – Here I Am

10 – Big Bang

11 – This Is My Life

12 – Why Did I..?

13 – Fortune And Fame

Dag Finn – Vocals

Tommy Denander – Guitars, Keyboards

Kee Marcello (Europe) – Guitar

Steiner Hagen (Sayit) – Guitar

Jonas Karlberg – Guitar

Bo Reimer (Tata Vega) – Guitar

Sayit Dolen (Sayit) – Guitar

John Leven (Europe) – Bass

Marcel Jacob (Talisman, Humanimal) – Bass

Joel Starander (Kharma, Heartbreak Radio) – Bass

EZ Gomer (Liberty N’ Justice, Jet Circus) – Bass

Mic Michaeli (Europe) – Keyboards

Jorgen Ingestrom (Fingerprints) – Keyboards

Ulf Steneberg – Keyboards

Dan Helgesen (Phenomena, Salute) – Keyboards

Ian Haugland (Europe) – Drums

Christian Ekwall – Drums

Daniel Flores (Alfonzetti, Frozen Rain) – Drums

Anders Borjesson – Drums

Thomas Vikstrom (Talk of the Town) – Backing Vocals

Produced by Dag Finn & Tommy Denander


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