DEAD CITY RUINS – Midnight Killer (2012)

DEAD CITY RUINS - Midnight Killer (2012) mp3 download


DEAD CITY RUINS originally from London – but now based in Melbourne, Australia – has released its debut album “Midnight Killer” four years after their debut EP.

What the band has been doing wisely during this time is to tour & play, and as a result the album has a certain maturity to it.

In terms of pedigree, the band infuse into their core rock sound flourishing veins of classic hard rock, at times bluesy, and some American sleazy here and there.

First two tracks “Where You Gonna Run” and “Damn My Eyes” have Dead City Ruins setting out its store, hot hard rockers that will have you thinking back to the days when GnR really did kick up a storm. This is a live act, handing out an invitation to its mosh pit with no prisoners taken.

Any band needs depth though, and Dead City Ruins demonstrate that with the very classy “My Lai Massacre” with a squeaky rasping and purring classic guitar riff. The song has a great structure with the aforementioned riff and a classic rock breakdown with extended soloing over a rumbling bass. As hard rock goes, this track ticks most of any boxes you would care to mention.

The title track “Midnight Killer” is a bit faster and has another good, hypnotic riff again with a powerful drum beat ā€“ this is the band’s trademark sound and they are wise not to let any track deviate too far.

Having said that, “Blues” (in effect metal blues) gives a glimmer of the group’s potential to open up new territory. “Go To War” and “Highway Girl” keep the pace going and on the latter it’s always good to hear a cowbell.

“Fallen”, the final cut, is however the standout song on the album with dual layered guitar tracks, a great vocal half in an echo box style but then opening up into a more stratospheric chorus.

On “Midnight Killer”, Dead City Ruins take a great deal of influence from across the rock nā€™ roll board, releasing a fun, entertaining and honest album.

This indie band run themselves and they’re being true to their art, playing what they want, in the way they want, without label pressures.

Everywhere on the album are classic elements you will have heard before. Dead City Ruins definitely summons the ghosts of music’s past, but putting enough of their own spin on these influences to dodge the pit of becoming a throw-back band.

This is true, straight-up Hard Rock.

01 – Where You Gonna Run

02 – Damn My Eyes

03 – My Lay Massacre

04 – Midnight Killer

05 – Blues

06 – Go To War

07 – Highway Girl

08 – Fallen

Jake Wiffen – Vocals

Tommy Teabag – Guitar

Sean Blanchard – Guitar

Mick Quee – Bass

Drewsy – Drums


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