THE WILD LIES – Jack’s Out Of The Box (2013)

THE WILD LIES - Jack's Out Of The Box (2013) mp3 download


Hailing from High Wycombe, U.K., THE WILD LIES is a new, young, intense melodious Hard Rock quartet fusing intricate grinding riffage colliding with stadium-rock choruses and melodies to die for.

“Jack’s Out The Box” is their debut, and surely will keep your foot tapping.

The band was chosen to support Jettblack for their present tour, and I can hear why. The Wild Lies has the same vibe, energy and… quality. These guys are a blast.

Imagine a vocalist with the spine-splintering falsetto attitude of a young Vince Neil but clean and melodic as Joe Elliot grappling with the screaming licks of Skid Row and you have a good Wild Lies’ picture.

Tracks like the stadium-ready “Relive The Ride”, the catchy “Stone Cold Love”, and the pounding “Heartbreaker” are instant hits brimming with dance-friendly riffs, arena filling potential and plenty of re-imagined commercial hard rock bravado.

“Falling” has the same fire yet much more modern approach with a clear intention to reach the radio, while “Beginning To End” is a terrific acoustically based ballad full of magic recalling the good Def Leppard years.

I don’t have enough words to recommend you The Wild Lies. Darn, “Jack’s Out Of The Box” is too good, and sadly, too short.

It’s a more than a commendable presentation for the band to the world, but it left me hungry for more. It’s that great.

If you enjoyed the explosion of Jettblack last year, The Wild Lies will do the same, even more; awesome musicianship, songwriting and production.


01 – Falling

02 – Stone Cold Love

03 – Relive The Ride

04 – Beginning To End

05 – Heartbreaker

Lead Vocals: Matt James

Guitar, Backing Vocals: Rob Gamble

Bass: Dylan Smith

Drums: Ralph Morris


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