VADUZ – Better Days (2013)

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Melodic Hard Rockers VADUZ took their name from the capital city of the principality of Liechtenstein, Europe. A strange choice for a band whose members were all born and raised in Iowa, US, but apparently they liked the name after seeing it in a travel brochure.

Vaduz born in the late eighties, they recorded and distributed independently their music then disbanded in 1993, but returned three years ago with some line-up changes and the fruit is “Better Days”, the band’s fresh CD.

After the first track “Workin’ Band” you realise that Vaduz know how to write good catchy songs and all their members are accomplished musicians.

This is a fantastic melodic rocker akin mid ’80s Night Ranger with hot riffs, superb rhythm and a killer chorus. Brian Wade’s vocal timbre reminds you Jon Bon Jovi here at his young age.

Next, “I Saw The Light Again” is another winner. Complete with cowbwell, these guys takes you back to the Hair Metal glory days. Autograph comes to mind, and this isn’t an excessive comparison, believe me. Terrific tune.

Title track “Better Days” is more midtempo paced but then explodes with an effective chorus, while follower “Thy Kingdom Come” is a superb piano-ballad with Nelson hints, very well crafted for sure.

Uptempo returns with the foot-tappin’ bluesy rocker ala Great White “Hey Yeah”, “Enemy” is more modern (Extreme here and there), whilst “Faces In The Storm” is another ballad, this time acoustically based.

“Lowdown Blues” as title says, is a strong whiskey-soaked blues rocker (Tesla-ish) feauring an impressive sustained guitar, vintage keyboards and moody vocals.

For the end we have one of these ‘monster power ballads’ akin Warrant, very electric in the highly harmonized chorus and crystal during the verses.

“Better Days” by Vaduz is one of the surprises of the year without a doubt.

If you like pure, elaborated late US ’80s Melodic (Hard) Rock in the style of the aforementioned bands, you can’t miss this little gem. My only complaint here is the short tracklist. Seriously, all these tracks are glorious.

Not only the songwriting is truly faithful to that age/genre, the musicianship and the crystal clear production (excellent for an indie) have the “80s magic touch” so difficult to obtain these days.

Do yourself a favor a get a copy pronto .-

Highly Recommended

01 – Workin’ Band

02 – I Saw The Light Again

03 – Better Days

04 – Thy Kingdom Come

05 – Hey Yeah

06 – Enemy

07 – Faces In The Storm

08 – Lowdown Blues

09 – On My Way

Brian Wade – Vocals

Ringo Lee – Guitars

Jimmy Krio – Bass, Keyboards

Matt “Vinnie” Finn – Drums, Percussion


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Keepin' Rock n Roll Alive! Great review, thank you for the support, and help us spread the word! Brian Wade (Vaduz)

  2. Anonymous says:

    THANKS!!! Again you introduce us to another great band!

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