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Italian progressive metallers DGM have been doing bleed some ears for more than a decade, quite silently but firmly gaining a strong fan core base and their colleagues’ respect.

DGM is releasing their aptly-titled eighth studio album “Momentum”, as this brand new recording finds them at the peak of their creativity with a strong, devastating set of songs.

DGM mix tons of controlled energy, melody and precision with wonderfully appealing choruses, obtaining a sound and style that sits the group at the center of progressive metal, melodic metal and power metal, offering the best of each for whatever eager listener snaps this up. And if you’re a metal fan, you really should give to “Momentum” a proper listen.

Lending his considerable talent, shouter Russell Allen appears as guest on the opening track “Reason”, a heavy melodic rocker with a meaty riff and a great singable chorus that sets the pace for the rest of the album: thrilling and vigorous.

They follow with several superbly written and executed songs in “Trust”, “Universe” and “Numb”. Each one offers something a bit different, whether it is a cool guitar tone, explosive double bass triplets, or killer riffs and soloing.

The first half of the album ends with the only ballad of the record, the solidly constructed “Repay”. Mark Basile shows how good manages his wide vocal range over the awesome melody and the joint of the guitars with orchestrated keyboards is first class. One of the songs of the year… yes guys.

The second guest appearance arrives in the sharp “Chaos” with guitarist Viggo Lofstad (Jørn Lande band, Pagan’s Mind) drawing a melodious solo over this compelling prog metal track.

“Remembrance” is close to being another ballad, especially in the bridge and chorus, but the verses and post-chorus instrumental keep things a heavier but always melodic.

“Overload” is quite close to power metal yet the progressive overtones are all over, “Void” is sonically more dark but the harmony vocals and keyboard runs makes this one another highlight, while closer “Blame” is the epic track of the album, not for its length, just because the slightly sympho approach that reminds me Norwegians Ark (the earlier Jorn Lande band).

DGM has made one really fantastic album in “Momentum” that really impressed me as the first Allen-Lande did when came out, this is in the same melodic-heavy vein, just a bit more progressive.

The musicianship, like those scintillating keyboard / guitar trade-offs and solos throughout “Momentum” are just stellar and also you can’t forget the fantastic vocals and melodies.

But what makes a record great, what makes music interesting and what makes a band distinguishable from the rest is the feeling, the waking of emotions. I find “Momentum” a perfect performance of an emotionless machine.

Production is excellent and the mix – perhaps the more important ‘factor’ in this type of albums – is perfectly done above and below.

For sure one of the best Prog / Melodic Metal albums of the year.

Strongly Recommended.

01 – Reason (feat. Russell Allen)

02 – Trust

03 – Universe

04 – Numb

05 – Pages

06 – Repay

07 – Chaos (feat. Viggo Lofstad)

08 – Remembrance

09 – Overload

10 – Void

11 – Blame

Mark Basile – Vocals

Simone Mularoni – Guitars

Andrea Arcangeli – Bass

Fabio Costantino – Drums

Emanuele Casali – Keyboards


Russell Allen – Vocals

Viggo Lofstad – Guitar



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