SWEET – Fox On The Run ; Rare Studio Tracks (2015)

SWEET - Fox On The Run ; Rare Studio Tracks (2015) full

Entitled “Fox On The Run ; Rare Studio Tracks“, this is a compilation / greatest hits of THE SWEET just released by Cleopatra Records on CD featuring 15 tracks.
The ‘Rare Studio Tracks’ label is a selling trick as all are not ‘rare’, but The Sweet’s most known songs and hits. Yes, some are alternate mixes done not so long ago to update the song’s sound to modern times, and work very well.

The Sweet was one of the more influential rock bands of all time.
These British proto-glam rockers not only influenced generations of musicians but also several musical genres all the way.

SWEET - Fox On The Run ; Rare Studio Tracks (2015) booklet

Most hard rock / metal stars always mention The Sweet as a formative band from their youth.
Krokus got a hit single covering “Ballroom Blitz”, Def Leppard and Steve Stevens’ Atomic Playboys did great versions of ‘Action’, ‘Fox on the Run’ was covered by Girlschool, Red Chili Peppers, Mad Max, Ace Frehley and countless more.
Well, on “Fox On The Run ; Rare Studio Tracks” you have the originals and more.

SWEET - Fox On The Run ; Rare Studio Tracks (2015) back

The Sweet always had the hooks, their harmonies were tops and the expert production assured them regular top 10 status for a good many years. Songs like Blockbuster, Hell Raiser, Ballroom Blitz, Fox On The Run, Love Is Like Oxygen and Teenage Rampage are rowdy and tuneful little teen anthems which still sound fresh today.
Glam rock at its best – or at least at its very beginning – which redefined much of the music to come.

01 – Ballroom Blitz
02 – Love Is Like Oxygen
03 – Little Willy
04 – Fox On The Run
05 – Action
06 – Blockbuster!
07 – Hellraiser
08 – Sweet F.A.
09 – Lost Angels
10 – Fever Of Love
11 – 4th Of July
12 – The Lies In Your Eyes
13 – Set Me Free
14 – You’re Not Wrong For Loving Me
15 – Done Me Wrong Alright

Brian Connolly – lead vocals
Mick Tucker – drums, percussion, vocals
Steve Priest – bass, lead & backing vocals
Andy Scott – guitars, keyboards, synths, lead & backing vocals


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