MARC QUEE – Better Late Than Never (2017)

MARC QUEE - Better Late Than Never (2017) full

Here comes a very nice indie piece of classic Melodic Rock / AOR: “Better Late Than Never” by MARC QUEE. A veteran vocalist from the European scene, Marc Quee wrote these songs back in the late ’80s, but only a couple appeared as singles back in the day. Marc Quee and his band recorded a full length album, but never was released.
So now 2017 Marc Quee unearthed these songs and freshly recorded them under the appropiate title “Better Late Than Never”.

Born in Sweden, Marc Quee would sing in several Swedish acts before joining the German act Viva. Then the frontman moved to France where he developed his career during the ’80s.
In France Marc Quee joined the very good and legendary hard rock act Attentat Rock recording several albums. That group later changed its name to Pink Rose for a more Melodic Rock orientation, releasing “Just What You Needed”, which reissue was featured at 0dayrock some time ago.

Later Marc Quee would then land a solo deal with small label Four Leaf Records and in 1989 released two singles, plus a vinyl EP now considered a collectors item.
The EP musical style was purely ’80s Melodic Rock / AOR in an European fashion, the same happens with all the songs on this “Better Late Than Never” written during that period.

With a modern production but retaining that ’80s feeling, “Better Late Than Never” is a trip back to the glorious era of the genre.
Keyboard / guitar driven tunes such as ‘Too Late’, ‘Need Somebody’ or the catchy ‘Queen of the Night’ are impregnated with moving melodies and catchy choruses akin Shy, Peroux, Push (David A. Saylor), Bad Habit, TNT, etc.
In short, a blend of British / Scandinavian stuff.

There’s an anthemic rocker in ‘Stand up for Their Rights’ with a more Americanized touch, and cool midtempos in ‘From the Other Side’ or ‘Shadows in the Night’, while ‘Loving You’ is the obligatory ballad, showcasing Marc Quee’s classy vocals.

Better Late Than Never indeed, I’m glad Marc Quee finally has recorded these very good songs written in the ’80s, as certainly there’s a lot of magic from that classic era.
Highly Recommended

01 – Too Late
02 – Need Somebody
03 – Queen of the Night
04 – Stand up for Their Rights
05 – Leave Me Alone
06 – From the Other Side
07 – Next Time I’ll Hold You
08 – Loving You
09 – Shadows in the Night
10 – Goodbye

Marc Quee – vocals, bass
Yeray Lopez – guitars
Iván Perez – guitars
Marcos Jimenez – bass
Alber Fuentes – drums
Fran Alonso – guest guitar solo


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