MICHAEL C. DRAGON – Transsylvania Calling (YesterRock remaster)

MICHAEL C. DRAGON - Transsylvania Calling (YesterRock remaster) full

MICHAEL C. DRAGON’s ‘Transsylvania’ was originally released as private pressing on the artist’s own label in 1997 and has become a much sought after piece by collectors and Melodic Rock fans. YesterRock has remastered and reissued the album in a new version, re-entitled “Dragon Of Transsylvania” and now has to offer 10 tracks instead of the original 7.

Musically, “Dragon Of Transsylvania” is a mix of AOR and Melodic Rock with a cool feeling and great melodies in the typical German mould. The brilliant ballad “Still Loving You” is reminiscent of the best times of Blue Tears and the straight rocker “Fire In Your Eyes” is the perfect counterpart, a bouncy mid-tempo masher.

“Wishing”, “Gladiator – No Time To Cry”, the acoustically driven “Beyond – The Blue Of The Sky” and the ballad “Song Of Hope” are smooth, melodious numbers with Michael C. Dragon (real name Manfred Michael Seile) delivering fine vocals, helped by the services of several fellow countrymen providing instrumentation.

MICHAEL C. DRAGON - Transsylvania Calling (YesterRock remaster) back

Well recorded & produced, “Dragon Of Transsylvania” will appeal fans of German Melodic Rock like Casanova, Zeno, Mat Sinner works, but also Bon Jovi, Blue Tears and alike.

01 – Wishing (dedicated to Sammy B. Karoly Uhrmann)
02 – Transsylvania Calling (New Version)
03 – Still Loving You
04 – Fire In Your Eyes
05 – Stop The Countdown
06 – Transsylvania Calling (Video Version)
07 – Beyond – The Blue Of The Sky
08 – Ghetto Blues
09 – Song Of Hope
10 – Gladiator – No Time To Cry (bonus track)

Michael C. Dragon – vocals
Mathias Church – guitar
Stefan Hiemer – bass
Jessie Milliner – keyboards
Roland Depner – drums
Rüdiger Berg – add. guitar
Dieter Roth – add. guitar
Mathias Dieth – add. guitar


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