V.A. – 0dayrox Advanced Releases March-April 2018 – Vol.2

V.A. - 0dayrox Advanced Releases March-April 2018 - Vol.2 full

Spring is coming and major Melodic Rock / AOR releases find its way to stores. Let’s check the advanced singles from albums to come.
British melodic rock wonders VEGA will release their fifth studio album, ‘Only Human’, on May 11th via Frontiers Music. The band self-produced the record, but teamed up with legendary Canadian musician and producer Harry Hess (Harem Scarem) for the mixing and mastering to bring their fans another gem of a release. Just check the first single “Last Man Standing”.

Due for release on April 20th, this will be one of the surprises of the year: ‘All Rise’, the debut of PERFECT PLAN with Frontiers Music. Hailing from Örnsköldsvik in the cold northern section of Sweden, Perfect Plan is a new AOR combo founded in late 2014. Since their inception, the guys have had the vision to come up an with exciting musical blend of classic Scandinavian AOR (think Work of Art, Treat, early Europe) with nods to genre legends like Giant, Foreigner, and Journey.
First single ‘In And Out Of Love’ is fan-damn-tastic.

Also via Frontiers, Norwegian vocalist ISSA Oversveen recently announced that her upcoming new album “Run With the Pack” will release on April 20th. First single ‘Come Back Again’ delivers smooth vocals, layers of keyboards and massive guitars, reminiscent of bands such as Heart and Saraya.
Irish melodic hard rockers MAVERICK releases a new album at the beginning of April, meanwhile first single ‘Myrmidon’ is here, a rockin’ guitar driven bad-boy of a track.

FALLING RED are a bunch of stylish, Cumbrian-based British lifeblood heavy-rockers who deliver good-time rock n’ roll, and are ready to a new album entitled ‘Lost Souls’ on March. First single ‘My Town My City’ is an acoustically filled but dynamic rocker bringing to mind Guns N’ Roses their GN’R Lies era.

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS will release a new, self-titled album this month. While they gain fame during the dark ’90s, now their style and sound is very classic rock oriented, with melody. Just check one of the advances titled ‘Never Enough’.

She got international exposure working with Queensryche, but PAMELA MOORE has strong own solo career. ‘Sickness’ is her brand new single, a powerhouse duet with metal shouter Ralf Scheepers of Primal Fear, plus Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy, Quiet Riot) on bass. ‘Sickness’ is the first single off Pamela Moore’s new upcoming album, ‘Behind The Veil’.

FANFIELDS is a Toto tribute band, now presenting a new record titled FANFIELDS 2. Fanfields originally came from a 1997 decision by a number of members of the Toto mailing list to record Toto songs as a tribute to the band. It quickly became a serious project with musicians contributing from all over the world. Fanfields 1 was released in 2001.
Conducted by guitarist Michael Riesenbeck (Lec Zorn Project), Fanfields’ delivers genuinely interesting versions of the Toto classics, old and new. Particularly impressive is the the many instances of improvising and extending the instrumental parts of these songs. Check their version of one of my favorite Toto songs, ‘Stranger In Town’.

Aussie melodic rockers DANGEROUS CURVES have released their first single, “Art Of The Heart” from their upcoming debut full-length album ‘So Dirty Right’, which will be released on April 6, 2018. It’s a classy sounding tune with an ’80s vibe.
STAR CHASE, the band formed by very familiar names from the Australian Melodic Rock scene Jason ‘Jase’ Old from The Radio Sun (and previously Safire, Square one, Someone Elses Life) and ex-Safire guitarist Steve Martret, are releasing a new album. Here’s another track, the AOR melody of ‘Castaway’.

Swedish hard rock band DOGFACE (Mats Leven; vocals / Martin Kronlund: guitars) released their stunning debut album Unleashed in 2000. Now it has been re-mastered and re-issued with 2 previously unreleased tracks. You can listen two more songs from this potent album.

MELTED SPACE is French progressive metal outfit founded by musician Piere Le Pape in 2007 and has released two albums thus far. The new album t be released soon, it’s a concept opus with a legion of guests, amongst them none less than the legendary Jeff Scott Soto performing on the song ‘The Down Of Man’.

01 – Perfect Plan – In And Out Of Love
02 – Vega – Last Man Standing
03 – Issa – Come Back Again
04 – Maverick – Myrmidon
05 – Falling Red – My Town My City
06 – Stone Temple Pilots – Never Enough
07 – Dogface – Don’t (remastered)
08 – Dogface – A Little Ain’t Enough (Previously Unreleased)
09 – Pamela Moore – Sickness (feat. Ralf Scheepers)
10 – Fanfields 2 – Stranger In Town
11 – Star Chase – Castaway
12 – Dangerous Curves – Art of the Heart
13 – Melted Space – The Down Of Man (feat. Jeff Scott Soto)

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